Monday, September 1, 2008

Posts that I never got around to, uh, posting this summer (probably for real good reasons)

Finding the lone Norbit fan on Thompson Street (or in the city).

An analysis of a Taco Bell "for sale" sign:

That nice chunk of real estate on Third Avenue between 10th Street and 11th Street --formerly home to a Taco Bell -- has been sitting empty for ages. Maybe it's that inexpensive "for rent" sign with the handwritten phone number that just makes it look, well, cheap. What, you throwing a garage sale or do you want to do some business? The landlord must have thought the same thing! They've now added a new sign! Two of them!


The Grand Opening at 16 Handles on Second Avenue.

Making the sidewalks safe for walking in a gum-free environment in front of Walgreens on Union Square.

Portable, electricity-free air conditioners: The styles trend piece the Times missed.

One-man protest at City Hall.

The neat trail of lottery tickets on 10th Street.

A job for the mattress police on 10th Street.

The disapearance of the rickety fan in front of the bodega on Avenue B next to 7B.

After months of standing on the sidewalk, it was gone.

Helping the New York Post with bad headline puns: So the New York Knicks drafted Italian League star Danilo Gallinari with their first-round draft pick in June. The Post quickly called him "The Italian Hero." Well, to help our tabloid headline writers, here are a few more possibilities for the 2008-09 season:

The Italian Stallion

The Italian Job

Oh, Dani boy

That's Italian!

(After getting ejecting for arguing with a ref) Italian wine

Italian air

That's amore!


Analyzing this Ann Taylor ad on Broadway: Is she falling? (If so, why does she look so happy?) Is she jumping? (If so, what is she jumping into nearly fully dressed?)

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