Thursday, September 4, 2008

Will the (soon-to-be-former) Knitting Factory space become a nightclub?

As you know, the Knitting Factory is closing its Leonard Street location in Tribeca and moving to Williamsburg. According to an article posted on the Tribeca Tribune site Aug. 29, the Tribeca location is expected to close in January. Here's a little more from the article:

For Jared Hoffman, the club’s owner, the move signifies a rebirth for the Knitting Factory legacy. For Leonard Street residents, the club’s departure means the end of years of complaining about noise, garbage and loitering outside the club.

It’s not fun to be somewhere where you’re seen as the bad guy,” Hoffman said during a recent interview in a converted Brooklyn apartment that’s the club’s new office. “There’s just no way, in that environment, not to annoy some people. It’s an un-winnable situation.”

People are expecting Tribeca to be as quiet as a suburban street in Greenwich, Connecticut,” he added.

Ahn-Tuyet Pollock, who has lived next door to the Knitting Factory for eight years, said she and many of her neighbors have been waiting for the day that the club would close and the sidewalk be free of its patrons.

“It’s been a struggle for us ever since we moved in,” Pollock said. “[Club-goers] line up in front of the building, they smoke, they make all kinds of noise, they want to come into our building to use our’s a nuisance.”

While the departure of the Knitting Factory is welcome news to many Leonard Street residents, their respite from club-going throngs could be short-lived.

Joe Rosales, a broker for Lee Odell Real Estate, closed on a $12 million sale of the six-story building at 74 Leonard Street to the Laboz Family Trust in July, and the space, he said, has already drawn interest from developers looking to install another nightclub.

“The way that space is laid out, it has to stay commercial,” Rosales said.

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