Friday, December 12, 2008

A little more on the new coffee shop at Avenue A and 12th Street

Amanda at Eater reported this earlier today:

"There are new signs up on the restaurant going in at the NW corner of 12th Street and Avenue A indicating that the restaurant will be called OST Cafe." Another tipster tells us this space is "going to be an eastern european style coffeehouse. Kind of like Cafe Sabarsky meets Pravda."

Meanwhile, a reader had a little more information:

I actually met the owners while they were getting signatures for wine, or something like that. They were nice, though I am not sure they will succeed. They are going to have a doggy window, since they are dog owners and dogs aren't allowed in cafes in this country. Their rent is reasonable at first, especially for the space, but their increases are going to be insane. If they do really well, they might survive. But it does seem like those corners are cursed!

Yes, those corners are cursed. ("Cozily crapalicious" -- Jeremiah Moss)

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