Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dinosaur Jr.? When a studio apartment is considered "gigantosaurus"

The following studio has been on Craigslist the past week...

Just look at this beautiful studio apartment! It has great sunlight, lots of space, and AMAZING Hardwood Floors and Walls. This place will make a great showcase for your art and style. In addition to that, the alcove kitchen contains a dishwasher, and there is a full-sized bathroom.

This very safe low-rise elevator building contains a video intercom system and there are laundry facilities internal to the building. Pets are acceptable in this building as well. Call me right away to see this apartment and others like it!

Which means this one isn't actually available! So, all we know is it's on East Fourth Street and costs $2,100 a month, a gigantosaurus rate if you ask us.

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