Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Trader Joe's love connection

From Craigslist:

To every man who works at Trader Joes on 14th - w4m (Union Square) - m4w (East Village)

We love you, too.

And to clear something up: Not everyone likes to talk much. Odds are that the employee liked you but felt uncomfortable asking for your number at work. When in doubt, make the offer yourself.

The guys I work with are a pretty great group, most with college degrees, some with grad degrees. They're artists and musicians and writers and actors and comedians and models and rappers and photographers and filmmakers. Smart, guys creative guys doing manual labor, and sometimes, you have to ask them yourself.

You should give a name. TJ's Missed Connections often end well.

Maybe there is something about a man in a Hawaiian shirt uniform. And remember: When in doubt, make the offer yourself. I actually know someone who was arrested for making the offer...

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