Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lawsuit claims two men helped themselves to empty Second Street condo

Per the Post today:

Two squatters who allegedly helped themselves to a Lower East Side condo after the owner died 12 years ago caused $70,000 in damages to the property, the owner's brother insists in a Manhattan lawsuit.

Wahid Sharaf battled for years to reclaim the condo at 184 East 2nd St., where his brother Siyad lived until he died in 1997.

Shortly after Siyad's death, Sharaf believed he had lost the fifth-floor luxury condo to foreclosure when a friend checking on the place found two strangers living there. It wasn't until a new condo-board president came on board in 2002, Sharaf claims, that he learned it was still in his brother's name, and that a man named Humberto Abenoza had moved in.

Abenoza and the former condo-board president, Raymond Sotnychuk, took the condo without permission, Sharaf alleges. When Sharaf finally got it back after a long legal battle, there was so much damage that he had to sell it for less than its $900,000 market value, he claims in a Manhattan Supreme Court suit filed last week.

He is suing both for a total $273,000.

Sotnychuk denied the allegations.

184 Second St. is between Avenue A and Avenue B.... in the above photo, it's to the left of the building that housed the long-defucnct East Village Lounge...

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