Sunday, February 5, 2012

Last day for East Village Farms

Today is the last day for East Village Farms on Avenue A. A lot of things are on sale. (But not everything — saw some annoyed people who thought their items would be half off.) All the beer is 30 percent off, and they have a pretty good selection. (At 30 percent off, it's now about the same price as Key!)

Anyway, took a few shots of the store's well-worn exterior before it's wiped away...

Employees here have said the landlord plans to tear down the building. But we've never heard this officially from the landlord. And there still aren't any permits of any kind on file with the DOB. So expect the space to sit empty for some time.

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Lambert Jack said...

Is there any word about rescuing memorabilia from inside the theater? There are beautiful tin ceiling panels in some of the back rooms above a more conventional drop ceiling, and a few interesting knobs and little machines from a bygone era that someone would know how to restore and reuse elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

There are still people working inside, to pack up. The flower guys are staying until that big flower holiday on the 14th, they also need access to the facilities.

I would think byo ladder and someone could scavenge quite a bit of the old hardware.