Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week in Grieview

[St. Mark's Place and Third Avenue this morning]

A death in the Grassroots family (Monday)

Schwimmer confirmed as owner and destructor of 331 E. Sixth St. (Monday)

Celebrating a Giants Super Bowl victory on Third Avenue in Speedos (Tuesday)

The eighth Subway opens in the East Village (Wednesday)

East Village Farms (and EVG) on WABC-7 (Thursday)

Neighborhood schoolkids express themselves about Starbucks (Friday)

Interpol (not the band) gets involved in East 13th Street short-term rental (Friday)

The Pink Dorms of East 14th Street (Thursday)

First mention of the East Village in The New York Times (Tuesday)

No more East Village Farms (Wednesday)

316 E. Third St. prepped for the end (Tuesday)

New beginnings for Obscura Antiques (Tuesday)

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