Thursday, May 31, 2012

Listing for Chloë Sevigny's home has disappeared

Yesterday, we noted that Chloë Sevigny's East 10th Street home was on the market for $1.7 million. Several media outlets also noted this and ... Tracy on 12th just said that someone has removed the listing from the Corcoran website as well as on Streeteasy... Sure enough, the listing is gone, as the image above shows. Perhaps Chloë changed her mind?

If you really want to live in the building, then Apt. 3 is still on the market as a rental for $5,995 a month.


randall said...

Sorry. I bought it. House party on Friday night. Kegs of beer. In honor of MCA my goal is to make the place look like the "(You Gotta)Fight For Your Right (To Party!) video. Doors open at 10pm sharp. Hope to see everyone there.
You to Cloe-Cloe.

Uncle Waltie said...

Apparently randall trumped my $ 32.79 offer.