Thursday, June 20, 2013

There is a 'No 7-Eleven' rally Sunday

Rumors of the incoming 7-Eleven for Avenue A and East 11th Street going away ... are apparently not true... there is speculation that people involved in the new 7-Eleven were putting that info out there to curtail opposition to the franchise's arrival. (Seems awfully coordinated to me, but...)

In any event, the No 7-Eleven neighborhood group will convene Sunday for a "joyful-artisitic-poetic-musical protest" on Avenue A and East 11th Street, per the flyer below... (There is also a Children's Sidewalk Chalking at 10 am per the Facebook invite.)

Last Thursday, Margaret Chabris, the corporate communications director at 7-Eleven, told Billy Gray at the Commercial Observer "that reports of the swiftly expanding convenience chain moving on from 500 East 11th Street were based 'purely [on] hearsay and speculation.'"


ShutUpHooker said...

*sigh* so much whining over the eventual

shmnyc said...

The idea that 7-Eleven is putting out false information in order to reduce the number of "No 7-Eleven" stickers being put onto lamp posts makes as much sense as Citibank paying people to post comments here supporting Citi-bikes.

Dan LD said...

If these people had any concept of the bigger picture, they would protest the redevelopment of 14th St. between Avenues A and B. Things like that, not the opening of a convenience store, are changing the complexion of the neighborhood. The condos that will inevitably be built there are the kind of thing that drives up residential rents.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there was nothing coordinated about the rumored denials of an in-coming 7-Eleven; but is it really beyond Kushner, builders, and others involved in said construction to deny the incoming "convenience" store to mute opposition? Do you blame them?

To Dan DL, you certainly have a valid point; however, the few people involved in this protest are neighbors of 500 East 11th. They're simply trying to stop the possible arrival of this shit-box. Got to start somewhere.

And to shmnyc, nothing you write has any validity. You simply suffer from O.D.D. -- Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Seek help! After the recent revelation that Seven-11 franchises were opperating a "modern day plantation system," ALL of your assinine posts rejecting the No Seven-11 position were proven invalid... like you.

Cartknocker said...

One "s" in "asinine." Carry the torch, Anonymous!

shmnyc said...

Anonymous 11:55 AM,

Nothing I have written has been proven invalid. Everything I have written has been opposed to the violations of workers rights. You should work on your reading comprehension.

rob said...

With all these attacks flying, for my sake I want to be clear: I never post anonymously (it's rob, robh, rob hollander or years ago, robcuny). Bob and Robert in No711 are two other people -- they're in the arts, I'm not. I do not run the NO711 website, FB or twitter. I'm just the 11ABC block association treasurer. Since 2005, I've run an anti-gentrification email network and a blog, savethelowereastside in response to zoning proposals.

48 residents on the block met Nov. 14, shortly after Sandy, unanimously voting to resist the impending 7-E (surprisingly, no one wanted to discuss Sandy although we were all still feeling the effects, that's how strongly 7-E affected them -- dig Istanbul; it started with a park conservancy of all groups!?!(-:). This was a block association meeting. Only one of those 48 residents has a business in the EV (despite false claims to the contrary).

No movement or policy is perfect. There are always questions and adverse consequences worth raising and addressing. I've invited shmnyc to attend our meetings to voice his concerns. At the Left Forum you avoided me. You walk past me in the street. Well, hmsnyc: say hello, man! This is a neighborhood. Life is too short for negativity. Maybe we can do some good together somehow someway. Let's make it happen.

Anonymous said...

I love the slacktivists who constantly suggest the No 7-Eleven group should be protesting something else. This issue is important to them, that's why they protest. If a new condo development bothers YOU so much, YOU protest it. Don't assign homework.

shmnyc said...

1) I did not avoid you at the Left Forum, I was working. When I left the panel where I saw you, I had to go set up for the next panel. 2) I have never knowingly passed you on the street. I did see you at the N7E TSP event, but that's it.

I have no doubt we'll meet some day -- I don't go out of my way to avoid you -- but I don't see it happening at an N7E meeting.

Anonymous said...

One last thing. smdh your blog is the equivilant of a wall in a bathroom stall.

shmnyc said...

Anonymous 3:42,
Thanks for reading! Tell your friends!

shmnyc said...

Regarding the bathroom stalls where you sit: where do you go, that you would read an analysis of two business models, or a synopsis of a 2-day conference, on the walls? Surely not the stalls in Tompkins Square Park!

Anonymous said...

His blog was never good... posts about his spam folder lol. Now he's posting dumb cartoons and continues to obsess about No 7-Eleven. It's so stalkerish I'm surprised they don't have a restraining order in him.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I haven't seen information so distorted since the last time I flipped by Fox News. Now you're claiming in comments on your blog that, because No 7-Eleven is posting recent news articles about 7-Eleven franchises participating in human trafficking, it is a defense of bodegas? How did you draw this conclusion? I've been reading the No 7-Eleven blog and they aren't editorializing this news at all. YOU on the other hand, well, that's another story. You take any little chance you can get to attempt to aggravate them don't you? It seems very personal.

Anonymous said...

Dumb cartoons making fun of people = bathroom stalls.

Anonymous said...

The 7-Eleven franchise website has the location listed as 170 Avenue A but the address Margaret Chabris gave was on the 11th Street side. Did they downsize the store to only one store front? I wonder if that's what the contractors were referring to?

Anonymous said...

He's such a ball ache.

rob said...

Oh, what nonsense, shm. You've written more than once that 7-Eleven is better than a bodega because at least 7-Elevens don't exploit undocumented immigrants.

When I looked at you at the Forum, you looked away and you reversed your name badge to hide your name -- and you knew I'd be there. You could have taken two seconds at the end to say hello. Don't lie to me and to everyone in public. You walked right past me on 11th Street where you know I live.

You wrote a couple of days ago you can't join NO711 because you have other projects, but you spend your time creating animations about NO711, cartoons about NO711 and me, posting graffiti about me (!) -- you spend more time on NO711 than I do.

If your goal is to be smug, well, it serves only 7-Eleven Corp. Congratulate yourself.

I'm Not a Stalker But My Blog Is said...

Let's have a look at how many times Steve has written about No 7-Eleven.

So far in June he's written 8 blog posts, 6 of them are about No 7-Eleven or it's members.

In May he wrote 8 blog posts, of which 6 were about or reference No 7-Eleven.

Need I go back further???

shmnyc said...

Anonymous 5:39PM,
This is what I'm talking about when I say you need to improve your reading comprehension. I did not claim that "No 7-Eleven is posting recent news articles about 7-Eleven franchises participating in human trafficking, it is a defense of bodegas." It was in earlier pieces of mine that I commented on their defense of hiring and abusing undocumented labor.

I'm Not A Stalker,
I have never written about 7-Eleven, but I have written about No-7-Eleven, pointing out errors in their calculations and my analysis of their petite bourgeois ideology.

If you saw me at the LF at a time when I was not busy, you could have said hello too. It works both ways. And I assure you, I never saw you on 11th Street.

I'll address the issue of 7-Eleven and undocumented immigrants on Quilas. As I've already said, it doesn't change anything I've written to date.

rob said...

Your name tag was reversed!?! I didn't know who you were until you posted on your blog that you saw me there. What dishonesty!

You called NO711 here and on your blog a small business association even after I corrected you that we are all residents of a block association. You persisted with your falsehood. When I tried to correct you again on your blog, you put my comments "on moderation" -- you refused to publish the correction claiming that I was writing too much. Writing too much indeed.

You have a post on your blog about wages that you know is wrong. You refuse to correct it or delete.

You have a problem admitting your mistakes. Get over it. Everyone makes mistakes. But persisting in falsehood when you know it's false is lying. Lying has no integrity. Posting graffiti implying it's about me or by me is -- well, I don't even know what that is.

Anonymous said...

I think Rob and Shmnyc should just kiss and get it over with. Clearly, they're in love.

Work it out, boys!

Bob said...

It was great to participate in the demo NO 7-ELEVEN demo yesterday. The difference between this chain and a pushcart moves inside chain should be obvious -- we;re talking NYC here, and what's local and evolves on rthese streets is a lot different than a Houston/Tokyo-based international Pringle-izer. C'mon, Cynics -- Refuse To Be Burnt Out. Let's aim for some kind of local controls over this blanding of our City.