Thursday, August 8, 2013

Documenting the Mosaic Trail

[Photo from spring 2012 by Bobby Williams]

There was a nice feature yesterday over at Untapped Cities about Jim Power's Mosaic Trail... Per the article by Lara Elmayan:

We took a walk east along the trail and photographed every lamp post along it for posterity’s sake. Power, after all, has learned some cruel lessons from Giuliani and now accepts that his art may be ephemeral – especially if funding isn’t found to maintain and restore it.

Meanwhile, EVG reader Karen was fairly pissed last week after noticing that someone had painted over this mosaic on Broadway at Waverly... (Quote: "Stupid stupid stupid!")

Read more about Jim's efforts here.


Anonymous said...

You have to be a real schmuck to paint over mosaic art. Nice job NYC beurocracy!

ShutUpHooker said...

Most of these light poles need to be painted on a regular basis so they don't get rusted out [the steel ones]... but seriously if you see one decorated like this, leave it be and spray a protective clear coat over it.
The pole on this picture, was it missing that many tiles or was there some sort of half assed attempt to clear it before painting... if it looked like it was missing most of the tiles then that why it may have been painted