Thursday, August 1, 2013

[Updated] Free tonight in Tompkins Square Park: 'Rocky Horror Picture Show;' Brad is still an asshole

Updated 1 p.m.

Forget it. Cancelled. Rain.


Tonight's free film in Tompkins Square Park is 1975's "Rocky Horror Picture Show." Another chance to see newlyweds Brad and Janet lost with a flat tire. (If only they had smartphones then!) Anyway!

No word if toast and rice will be allowed into the Park. (And no cussing.)

There's pre-movie music from Jason Trachtenburg and The Pendulum Swings.

As always, this is weather permitting... If it's a Thursday, then it will rain. And there's a 70 percent chance of thundershowers tonight, according to our sources at The Weather Channel. Check the Films in Tompkins Facebook page for updates on tonight's screening.

And upcoming...

Aug. 8 — Chico + Rita
Aug. 15 — Romeo + Juliet
Aug. 22 — O Brother, Where Art Thou


Anonymous said...

Uh... yeah... expected rain all afternoon and until 8pm or 9pm. Heh.

Spike said...

Oh Jason Trachtenburg, why must I obsess over you! Release me from your spell, I beg of you!

Anonymous said...

Since the plot thickens during a rain storm in this movie, it would be fitting to show it in the rain. Just cover the projector.

Eden Bee said...

This is my last chance to catch a film there and it is raining once again! Oh well, Smurfs 2 comes out soon!

EV Grieve said...

@ Eden

I didn't see the first Smurfs film.

Do you think I'll be able to understand part 2 then?

Anonymous said...


I think you'd get lost in the plot of Smurfs 2 because it picks up where the first movie ends (right after Papa Smurf murders Gargamel with poisoned jam and is on the lam with a broken left leg).

Goggla said...

It's raining right surprise, of course.

Because Thursday.

EV Grieve said...

@anon 12:59

Hmm, that's what I was afraid. I'll wait and buy 1 & 2 as part of The Criterion Collection....

Eden Bee said...

Um, I REALLY hope that was just a typo where you wrote you didn't see the Smurfs movie.