Monday, February 3, 2014

Former Odessa Cafe and Bar will serve comfort food specializing in Nashville Hot Chicken

[File photo via Shawn Chittle]

Documents filed today on the CB3 website show that Ravi DeRossi's latest bar-restaurant concept will serve comfort food "with a southern feel specializing in Nashville Hot Chicken." (Per Wikipedia: "In its typical preparation, it is a portion of breast, thigh, or wing that has been marinated in buttermilk, breaded, sauced using a paste that has been heavily spiced with cayenne pepper, and pan-fried.")

DeRossi's company, whose other other local establishments include Death and Co., Amor Y Amargo, Mayahuel, the Bourgeois Pig, Gin Palace and Proletariat, is buying the assets of the former Odessa Cafe and Bar, which closed last Aug. 31 at 117 Avenue A.

The paperwork filed ahead of next week's CB3/SLA committee shows a restaurant with proposed hours of 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. There is a stand-up bar with 10 seats as well as 10 tables seating 40 people.

And here's a look at a menu...

East Seventh Street resident Andrew Bushong will serve as general manager of the yet-to-be-named space, a role he currently has with DeRossi's West Village bar 124 Old Rabbit Club.

It will be interesting to see what kind of reception DeRossi receives from CB3.

Back in October 2012, "DeRossi and his surrogates got a civic lashing ... for converting the shuttered Jane's Sweet Buns pastry shop into the beer bar Proletariat without providing a 30-day notice to the board," according to Grub Street.

In the fall of 2011, CB3 OK'd a wine-beer license for Jane's Sweet Buns on St. Mark's Place. At the time, DeRossi assured the skeptics about the concept of a bakery serving alcohol. All just to pair wine with the buns and desserts.

"It was never intended to be a bar," he said of Jane's, according to coverage in The Local. "It's completely innocuous and an asset to the community."


Matt Rosen said...

Similar menu to Blue Ribbon.

But, Blue Ribbon is crap, so we'll see how these guys fare.

That said:

- Odessa Southern/hot chicken here,
- "Southern" at 7A,
- the previously mentioned Blue Ribbon (Seriously, not long for that block. I'm guessing they eventually close down for a spell and change to a new blue Ribbon "concept" sometime in the near future),
- Bobwhite
- The Cardinal
- The Redhead (Tops of the bunch, IMO)

Love me some Southern cuisine, but once again questioning the logic of saturating the area with such similar concepts.

Is it that plans for these spaces are put into the works so far ahead of the actual openings, and typically not publicly, that it's just coincidence that several people have the same idea at the same time?

Either way, be sure to stop off at Ray's for some beignets as dessert regardless of which of the two new entrants on Ave A and 7th you frequent.

nygrump said...

This neighborhood has enough alcohol. Nothing that includes alcohol is an asset to this community.

Anonymous said...

Nashville Hot Chicken sounds great. Better than the Odessa Cafe, which was wretched to eat in.

Anonymous said...

Sounds kind of good on paper at least.

Anonymous said...

redhead is shite -- overpriced and the creamy grits? w/sesame oil? oh my lord what were they thinking. i'll pick blue ribbon over redhead based on fried chicken (not atmosphere, obviously)

Anonymous said...

If you think this place will be about chicken, you are sadly mistaken. Ravis most recent ideas turned into bars.Janes groundfloor at cienfuegos as a cuban restuarant a gin bar...and on tap.heck beer and wine "only" the pig ( next to a church at that) has booze behind the bar to enhance the drinks.

Anonymous said...

Our grandfathers fought and won the Civil War so we could eat pastrami, bagels, and pizza. What is the world coming to?

Anonymous said...

What's a chicken joint without any biscuits? I'd like to have those boys get run out of town.

EV is now part of south of Mason-Dixon. Next up, Waffle House and Cracker Barrel, y'all.

moe said...

No ones fault but my own I suppose, but I am completely unconcerned about whatever new restaurant opens in the hood these days, as the one thing I know for sure is that I can not afford to eat there.

Anonymous said...

I love the food at rabbit club! Btw, no food there as well.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember that when the Bourgeouis Pig first opened years ago (on the south side of 7th street at that point, in a tiny space), it was a coffee and beignets place that opened in the early morning and Ravi was crowing about bringing authentic NOLA coffee and beignets to the EV? Then, just as soon as he wormed his way into the nabe and got a liquor license, there were--shocker!--no more coffee and beignets andno more morning hours. As soon as he could get it going as a bar, he moved to the much larger space across the street. He then proceeded to follow the same game plan with his future "restaurants." So anyone who is fooled by his latest gambit is just that, a fool.

Anonymous said...

It seems there are far too many recovering alcoholics commenting on this blog. I, for one, have no issues with bars, or liquor licenses, if the place is good, and the atmosphere nice. I still do not get why so many supposed free spirit bohemians endlessly moan about bars and alcohol on this blog. Please keep your alcohol addiction issues to yourself, and stop denying the rest of us some new places to sample a drink or two. I am an old timer, and I remember a time when we had no bars, or even banks. Give a newcomer a chance, see what they do, before you get all haughty and geriatric on them.

Anonymous said...

Moe - blame the landlords not the businesses.

Shawn G. Chittle said...

Casa Adela on Avenue C and 5th Street. Since 1976, the best chicken (pollo!) in NYC.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years ago, young people were fine with diners and independent joints like 7A and similar restaurants. Young people now want this upscale trendy shit. Why is that, when did the world suddenly go from accepting to entitled?

IzF said...

Bobwhite has the best fried chicken sandwich ever.
I'm an old timer too and I like some new places, a lot.
Bourgeois Pig sucked, Death and Co sucks.
Never been to the other spots.

Anonymous said...

The Jane's Sweet Buns bait/switch should disqualify this guy from conducting business down here.

When is the CB3 meeting / how can we make some noise about this?

Anonymous said...

CB3- DO NOT drop the ball on this. After the Proleteriat BS, and the rest of his track record - the answer should be NO. He's not even hiding it this time with the frozen drinks and 4am close time. Buddy - this southern crap isn't gonna fly anyway, there are too many around here, go back to the south, son!

Anonymous said...

@8:55. There were plenty of bars and restaurants before just about every service business was pushed out because of greed.

And as for your recovering alcoholic comment? Really shows your E.Q.

bowboy said...

at 8:55 PM

Clearly, you do not have to sweep vomit from your doorway every sunday morning. Once someone even found a way to throw up in my mailbox. ugh. And you do not have to be the one to apologize when a group of drunks knock you into the gutter.

"Please keep your alcohol addiction issues to yourself"

Ha, that's funny! I really wish they would. Not having every other store front be a bar seems like the only way. Unless you have a better idea.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 8:55: you aint no old timer. Back then, there were bars -=- good drinking bars. And great restaurants. As an old timer, I'm amazed at the level of "casual" stupid drinking going on here, encouraged by these new breeds of restaurant-bars. It's embarrassing, especially as those drunk drinkers are drinkers I'd never ever want to drink with. And they're all half-ass drunk on the weekends, especially on hell-holy Sunday, when we'd expect some quiet, but instead find them clogging up the sidewalks with their twitter chatter and inane vanities.