Friday, May 15, 2015

EV Grieve Etc.: Crowdfunding for air quality testing; discussing NYC preservation

[The discarded couch police on East 7th Street via Derek Berg]

"The East Village, arguably more than other locales, has become the neighborhood of doom for one café and market after another. Why?" (New York Business Journal)

Tenant starts crowdfunding campaign for air quality testing in buildings adjacent to 119-123 Second Ave. (DNAinfo)

Rallying for affordable rent (Gothamist)

A visit to Raclette on Avenue A (The Wall Street Journal)

Preservation and pro-development in this Vanishing New York vs. New York YIMBY debate (New York magazine)

The East Village stars in the new video by the Young Things (YouTube)

Where to find Korean honey-butter chips in the East Village, in case you were looking for them (Grub Street)

Lower East Side History Month continues… find all the events here.

What retail tenants would you like to see in the Orchard Hell Building? (BoweryBoogie)

A new bike lane for Delancey (The Lo-Down)

In the footsteps of NYC's best chronicler, Joseph Mitchell (Curbed)

Remembering PIL's Ritz riot (Dangerous Minds)

Coney Island fireworks schedule for the summer (Amusing the Zillion)

… and yesterday, Stage watchers noticed that the roll down gate at the Stage was painted… wondering what, if anything, this meant for the diner that has been closed since March 30

H/T EVG reader Steven


Anonymous said...

The couch police - they give a ticket to the home owner, not the person who illegally threw out the couch. That sounds fair to me!

Makeout said...

"The couch police they're right outside on my stoop" Hehehe.

Giovanni said...

Looks like NYU's moveout days have begun! Time to stock up on a few hundred slightly used sofas, bookshelves, vacuum cleaners, dvd players and shampoo and gift cards.

Anonymous said...

Running down the list:
Hey wasn't there a swiss restaurant that used to be on 7th st called Raclette or Raclette AG? Gravlox and stuff like that? Would be considered hipster yuppie bullshit if they were to open up today, I guess.

Ahh, PiL.
That was great. Security had to drag Keith off the stage before he got his head beaned with a bottle. He was going nuts at those idiots.
Just glad I was in the balcony.

DrGecko said...

@Giovanni - most of that list is ok, but you really, really don't want the sofas. Trust me.

DrGecko said...

@anon 2:17 - I don't imagine they have gravlax in a Swiss restaurant because Switzerland isn't Sweden, and the salmon runs in Switzerland are pretty much nonexistent.

Anonymous said...

please please please bring the Stage back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 2:17 -- I think you mean Roettele A.G. I'm not sure when it closed, but I remember they had a nice garden (if I'm recalling correctly??) and fondue, so it was kind of festive.

Helaine Sorgen said...

Roettele AG was on 7th betw 1st and 2nd Ave, and it had Swiss, German, and Italian dishes, all good, as I remember, as well as being reasonably priced, and a nice room and atmosphere for adults to dine in. It was not pretentious in any way, and I was sorry when it closed.

Helaine Sorgen said...

Oops, my bad, Roettele was betw/ 1st and Ave A--correcting self before the shit starts flyin.g

Walter said...

Roettele AG made a h u g e mistake when they got involved in 'Heartbreak' on 2nd and 2nd. The food was superb, but there was no traffic. Most people going to the 2nd Ave. Cinema are usually too broke to spend 25 bucks for dinner. Just my 2 cents, as always.

Giovanni said...

@Dr Gecko maybe you're right, I'll skip the sofas. I saw a guy who found a nice pile of designer skinny jeans which some NYU students had thrown out today on 12th St., but I imagine those jeans would probably have some of the same issues as the sofas, if not worse.

Anonymous said...

Roettele AG was one of the odder very neighborhoody restaurants in the EV. The food was nice, the prices were good, the service was friendly. The only special part of it was that it was decorated like a rural Swiss restaurant. Yeah, I miss that place.

Anonymous said...

Ah Rotelle's gravlax were great as well as her Black Forest Ham. Tried Raclette. Not bad, now I can dump my Swiss friends and just get take out. Not sure that it will last as it is kinda heavy for summer fare.