Sunday, November 8, 2015


EVG reader Trevor Ristow spotted this on Avenue A and East Sixth Street last evening ... a friendly invitation to hang out for the evening. The arrow points to a drawing of someone holding a burning cigarette of some sort. (Above the "provide good" is an assurance for the NYPD that this is a cigarette.)

Also, groups welcome! Not sure if this was a one-night-only event or if the sign leaver will be back for a return engagement.


Concerned Parent said...

Kik Messenger is rife with child predators. People should be very careful contacting anyone through this app. Read reviews here.

Anonymous said...

You could say that about every major social networking site or app.

1:19pm works for Vine or Snapchat LOL.

Concerned Parent said...

Anonymous, 8:41, You could say whatever you want, but it wouldn't be true. With Kik Messenger, it is true.