Saturday, November 7, 2015

Report: Preservationists speak out against making Union Square Park a city scenic landmark

[Photo from Oct. 30 via Bobby Williams]

Interesting story here via New York Yimby yesterday.

On Thursday, the Landmarks Preservation Commission held a public hearing about designating Union Square Park a city scenic landmark. (While it is already a National Historic Landmark, that designation doesn't protect it from changes within the park.)

Per NYY:

Jack Taylor, speaking for the Union Square Community Coalition, said that designating the park as it is today “would be a historical travesty.” “And it pains me personally, as a committed preservationist, to take a position that seemingly dismisses landmark protection for a fabled but now flawed part of New York City history,” he added.

For starters, there is about one block of actual park ... and that has been altered already through the years. In short, it lacks "historical integrity," as a rep from the Historic Districts Council put it.

Head on over to Yimby for the full story and an archival photo.


Anonymous said...

I agree with not preserving Union Square Park in its current state. Thirty years ago, maybe, but not today.

blue glass said...

there is no preserve the park in this designation
it is merely a bunch of words

Anonymous said...

I agree with him, but also really dislike Union Square. I honestly don't see much worth preserving besides the green space, which people can't even access.

Edmund Dunn said...

Like Times Square, when using it as a short cut, I try to get through Union Square as quickly as possible. Even when I am purchasing at the farmer’s market, I get in and out fast.

Anonymous said...

Harsh, dudes. I love walking though Union Sq on the way to work. Shrug.