Friday, February 12, 2016

Reader report: The result of this morning's fire behind 105 Avenue B

There was a report of a fire this morning at 105 Avenue B just south of East Seventh Street.

A neighbor with knowledge of the situation shared this:

This morning’s fire in the rear of 105 Avenue B was apparently started when a lit cigarette was dropped from a window into the trash and igniting it. The basement access was locked and no super was present, so firefighters used the ladder to scale to the roof and down the rear of the building to the fire.

The fire was severe enough that it melted the main TWC feed for that section of the block. Residents of several adjacent buildings will be without Internet, TV or phone until TWC can address the problem.

Photo this morning via @af


Anonymous said...

Smooth move!

Boodiba said...

Lots of buildings no longer have supers present there because of greed of course. Happened to mine. Not that the supers would actually ever fix anything unless I called 311 b/c I had a rent stabilized apartment. (So I guess I didn't mind when he got kicked out of his 1-bedroom, east village apartment and had to go live in a basement in Queens.)