Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week in Grieview

[Avenue A last evening]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

22-year-old man gunned down outside the Lillian Wald Houses (Friday)

CB3 committee to hear more about Mount Sinai Beth Israel's future plans in the neighborhood (Thursday)

Joggers pull suicidal man from the East River (Wednesday)

At the 29th annual Loisaida Festival (Sunday)

Fake Uber driver robs woman after a night in the East Village (Wednesday)

Out and About with fifth-grader Ceasar Noel Soto (Wednesday)

So long to the Yaffa Cafe mural (Sunday)

Police looking for suspect who tackled woman and stole her purse on East 10th Street (Thursday)

New residential building on Eighth Street and Avenue D called THREE99OnEIGHTH; condos start at $685k (Friday)

Getting to know Raphael Toledano (Thursday)

Vegan doughnut shop coming to St. Mark's Place (Thursday)

Report of a fire at 500 E. 12th St. (Thursday)

Checking in on the Bea Arthur Residence (Wednesday)

What might become of this vacant lot on East 14th Street? (Wednesday)

Icon Realty announces public art project for the East Village (Friday)

Charlie Parker's neighbor is for sale on Avenue B for the first time in 50 years (Tuesday)

Building no longer receiving mail (Tuesday)

Plans to convert the haunted beauty 104 E. 10th St. into a single-family home with two extra floors (Thursday)

Lab -321 is now open on St. Mark's Place (Friday)

You may now report your annoying Airbnbers directly to Airbnb (Tuesday)

The stacked townhomes of 347 Bowery are now available for purchase (Friday)

...and several readers have noted the arrival late last week of these stickers in various sizes... like this one on Avenue A and Third Street...


Anonymous said...

Hillary fans are such artists....should make some posters of Hillary, that pandering pathological lair.

Anonymous said...

Riding a bike with no hands: not only is it unsafe, it makes you look like the most obnoxious smug flippant worthless punchable jackass who ever lived. Personally that's why I never do it.

Anonymous said...

Leave Manson out of this. He was innocent.