Thursday, July 14, 2016

Residents, 9th Precinct meeting tonight about excessive partying at 56 St. Mark's Place

[Rear view of No. 56]

Residents who live near 56 St. Mark's Place, aka The Saint, have organized a community meeting tonight at 7 with Capt. Vincent Greany, commanding officer of the 9th Precinct, to discuss what they say has been non-stop partying at the 8-story rental built in 2005. The meeting will be outside No. 56, which is between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

The organizer of the meeting shared this background:

It has turned into a partying rental building, filled with fresh-out-of-college kids ... partying non-stop and terrorizing neighboring residents only several yards away from it.

The main noise issues stem from rooftop and some units with patios larger than their apartments. On the rooftop, tenants party till 3-4 am with DJs, climb onto the building's water tower, throw beer bottles and puke down to lower levels.

Large terraces are located on the level equal to the 2nd floor. Surrounded by buildings, sound vibrates like an amphitheater. The patios are hidden and only accessible through apartment entrances. It's not visible from the street and the tenants, knowing these issues, have been jeopardizing the quality of life of about 60 residents surrounding 56 St. Mark's Place. They watch movies with outdoor projectors, play music with outdoor speakers and have over 30 people getting drunk and hollering till early morning.

According to the organizer, the Saint is managed by Helm Management, who have "dodged efforts by several neighbors to speak to them about this issue."

Nearly a dozen other nearby residents shared horror stories about the Saint. Here's a sampling from one (edited for length):

First, let me say this — THE SAINT is an unholy nightmare that should be renamed THE SINNER.

Since the beginning of March 2016 there have been 28 parties or gatherings that have gone beyond 12:30 at night. Many have carried on until 3 am, or 4 am, or even later. All of them massively disturb the peace, prevent me from sleeping, disrupt work routines and cause aggravation and ill will. I feel psychologically and emotionally attacked, disturbed and drained. It has ruined the peace in my home and neighborhood.

I have to deal with:

• Almost daily noise, disruption and intrusion — way above normal levels.

• Roof parties — often with DJs and up to 60 or more drunk, rowdy, sometime belligerent guests — inevitably every weekend (sometimes both Friday and Saturday nights). Parties and gatherings also often occur on Sundays and during weeknights.

• We live inside an enormous fishbowl and every sound that is made on the roof or terraces it is magnified, reverberates off the walls of the other buildings. Sitting in my bedroom sometimes sounds like I am in the middle of a nightclub.

• Shrill, infantile screams of “Dude”, “Fuck yeah!”, “Oh my fucking god”, “Pass me a beer”, “Wow, I’m shitfaced”, “I would fuck him”, “Wahoooooooo!!!!!” etc., etc., at all hours of the night.

• Tenants screaming insults when I ask them to be quiet, or to turn down the noise, or to shut the music off. Insults have included, “Suck my cock”, “Fuck you”, “Eat shit”, “You sound foreign, why don’t you fucking go home?“

• Feeling as though the only solution is to move.

Of particular concern is the building's water tower. Per a neighbor:

Tenants have also taken a particular liking to climbing a tower located on the roof, accessed by a narrow ladder, and turned it into their “sky lounge”. They (and non residents, including minors) sit on top of it and drink alcohol, smoke marijuana, flash lights, scream at the tops of their lungs, play music, throw bottles and vomit over the edge, etc., etc.

People use the tower at any and ALL times of the night and morning.

The dangers are SIGNIFICANT. There is no railing on top of it, there is a 35 foot drop to the roof, girls in heels and formal dresses often climb on top of it then scream “How do I get down”. At times as many as 20 kids (usually drunk) have packed on top of it — a space that is no more than 7ftx10ft. If one of these kids falls (odds are one of them will one day) they will SERIOUSLY injure themselves.


Edmund Dunn said...

• Shrill, infantile screams of “Dude”, “Fuck yeah!”, “Oh my fucking god”, “Pass me a beer”, “Wow, I’m shitfaced”, “I would fuck him”, “Wahoooooooo!!!!!” etc., etc., at all hours of the night.

• Tenants screaming insults when I ask them to be quiet, or to turn down the noise, or to shut the music off. Insults have included, “Suck my cock”, “Fuck you”, “Eat shit”, “You sound foreign, why don’t you fucking go home?“*

Well that about sums up today's EV, the LES, Gramercy, “Sty" Town and, of course, Murray Hill (ground zero) quite nicely, don’t you think?


5. Haters!
4. Old Farts!
3. Get a grip!
2. Get a Life!
1. If you don’t like noise in the EV, move to...............

*Jared Kushner was at the party? Lovely.

Gojira said...

Seriously, what has happened in our society that this now what bro/ho's consider "fun"? When I was their age it never would have crossed my mind to be such a flaming, loud, obnoxious, aggressive, drunk asshole, and on a regular basis, no less. What makes these jerks think that such antisocial behavior is somehow, somewhere, even remotely acceptable?

Our building has similar problems with the room temperature-IQ morons in 329 East 10th Street, an Icon building, but at least there's no water tower. Small favors, I guess...

Anonymous said...

This would accurately be an example of "affluent white privilege" because if it was a different demographic The Post would be running stories about the out of control young "thugs"

Anonymous said...

Good luck. What a shite show.

Anonymous said...

The New Village Punks. I'd take a smelly passed out crusty over these dickbags any day.

Anonymous said...

So much hate from haters! Get a grip! I needed a grip when I climbed the water tower in nothing but heels and a Whole Foods bag for a top. If you don't like noise move to someplace that starts with West and ends with Beach! And get me down from here! I've been stuck on this water tower for a week!

Edmund Dunn said...

CHEF-"What you want me to do ?"
WILLARD-"Here, take the radio. If I don't get back by 2200 hours,you call in the airstrike."
CHEF-"Airstrike ?"
WILLARD-"The code is Almighty, coordinates 090264712.. It's all in here."

One can dream, can’t one?

Anonymous said...

there are many many roof parties these days,
roof decks are advertised with the apartment listing as an amenity.
goes with the multiple bedrooms.
10th street and first avenue (north west corner) has an enormous roof and the parties start early.
i have not seen them toss stuff to the street but you can hear them a block away.
second avenue apartment has a terrace where the guys boom their music and one tenant(?) shouts things from a mike.
it seems that being as shit-faced and obnoxious as possible is the game of the day and it's all over the east village.
if we go after one roof at the time it will take forever. isn't there some zoning or building code that can be applied all over?

Anonymous said...

This is what middle America is like, they're only bringing their "culture" to the city after all. Get a grip! ;-)

13th@A said...

paintball gun

sam_the_man said...

If you're thinking of moving to the EV, I'd recommend not only not renting IN an Icon-owned building, but not even living NEAR an Icon-owned building. Or really any newish type of building. Unless of course you're a d#######g.

bayou said...

Insult to injury is that St. Marks between 1 & 2 is the quiet part of the block.

Anonymous said...

This behavior reflects upon the parents of these transient college kids that rent a year or two and then are gone....on to....who knows...jail?
Find out who they are, locate their parents and inform them of how their kids are doing while they pay for very expensive tuitions.

Giovanni said...

The behaviors we are seeing from these He-Bros and She-Bros is consistent with people who have antisocial personality disorders, often associated with abuse and neglect as a child or a family history of mental illness. Note: this disorder is also common to many landlords and real estate developers. Via the Mayo Clinic:

Antisocial personality disorder signs and symptoms may include:

Disregard for right and wrong
Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others
Being callous, cynical and disrespectful of others
Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or personal pleasure
Arrogance, a sense of superiority and being extremely opinionated
Recurring problems with the law, including criminal behavior
Repeatedly violating the rights of others through intimidation and dishonesty
Impulsiveness or failure to plan ahead
Hostility, significant irritability, agitation, aggression or violence
Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others
Unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behavior with no regard for the safety of self or others
Poor or abusive relationships
Failure to consider the negative consequences of behavior or learn from them
Being consistently irresponsible and repeatedly failing to fulfill work or financial obligations

Adults with antisocial personality disorder typically show symptoms of conduct disorder before the age of 15. Signs and symptoms of conduct disorder include serious, persistent behavior problems, such as:

Aggression toward people and animals
Destruction of property
Serious violation of rules

Most of these traits seem to apply to landlords, such as exploding-building owner Maria Hyrnenko, who faces decades in jail for diverting gas lines illegally, Ben Shaoul who was once sued by his own parents for ripping them off, self-hating Jared Kushner who is running the anti-Semitic Presidential campaign of Donald Trump, Steve Croman, who faces years in jail for tenant abuse and intimidation, and countless others. In other words, in the absence of medical attention on a mass scale, the reckless, rude and antisocial behavior from our neighbors and landlords is unlikely to magically disappear as the result of a Precinct or Community Board meeting.

The only solution is to remove these people from the neighborhood. The bottom line is that landlords are simply renting apartments to other bottom feeders, in other words, people who are just like them.

John M said...

Gojira, is THAT where the obnoxious party noise has been coming from? 329 E 10th?

We live down the block toward Ave. A, and I can't tell you how many weekend nights the loud bass from the music and the shrill yelling have driven me crazy. When I've reported it, I always thought it was somewhere on 11th St., but couldn't really tell. Naturally, the cops keep reporting back that they didn't hear anything.

Thank you for this information! Now I know where to send them.

Anonymous said...

Recently Jeremiah's Vanishing NY discussed the new Donnell Library. The discussion and comments are just as relevant here (and for most any issue highlighter on EV Grieve.)

Regarding former Mayor Bloomberg's goals, per JVNY:
"....hell-bent on turning Manhattan and much of the city into what the mayor like to call a luxury product....he was using zoning, branding, eminent domain and corporate welfare to reconstruct New York for the very wealthy.."

A reader comment notes:
"We are well along the road to complete cultural decadence in the city. The end game is the elimination of the past, of memory, of perspective, critical thinking.....Bloomberg set out to create a fantasy world that 99% of us cannot live in...he largely succeeded...."

Anonymous said...

Ugh. All the special snowflakes and their sense of entitlement, all about their rights but not their responsibilities.

Anonymous said...

Get a life. Rooftops are advertised to buildings as an amenity.

If the rooftop is closed, then rent concessions must follow throughout the building.

That being said, if you're a neighbor and step outside, you'll notice partying across all the rooftops in the East Village. There has never been anything thrown off the rooftop and there are cameras up there to prove it. Nobody has ever screamed "Wahoo" in this building, or anywhere in the world for that matter. If you don't want to live among lively young adults, then move out of the lively, young, eccentric and beautiful East Village. Move to the UES or UWS, it's cheaper, and quieter and perfect for old, boring souls like yourself.

Quit wasting your time slandering hard-working young professionals and students just because they like to have a little fun on a Friday or Saturday night. It's all done with the utmost respect.

-Anonymous Tenant

JAZ said...

“I would fuck him”

yeah honey, we know. And in other news, the sun rose in the east this morning.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Tenant, I will grant you that the douche war cry is not "Wahoo" but rather "WOO!" But if you don't know that your ilk are screaming "WOOOOOO!!" across neighborhood rooftops every weekend, you are either stupid or delusional.

Someone who knows that drunken "fun having" is rarely lovely, eccentric, beautiful, or respectful

Anonymous said...

"Quit wasting your time slandering hard-working young professionals and students just because they like to have a little fun on a Friday or Saturday night."

And there's your entitlement and ageism. Ever think about your neighbors, who are also hard working professionals? You know, the people who made the neighborhood so attractive to you in the first place?

"Rooftops are advertised to buildings as an amenity."

This is true, but having a rooftop does not equal loud parties. In fact, developers get away with installing these amenities by explicitly saying they will be used for anything BUT neighbor-terrorizing ragers. I believe Ben Schaoul went so far as to say the rooftops at 100 Avenue A will be designed for "quiet contemplation."

cmarrtyy said...

The landlord could easily get rid of the bad tenants to set an example. He would have no problem renting their apartments. And if these tenants and guests pose a threat to tenants then I believe it becomes a police matter.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to assume there's a mountain of photo, audio, and video evidence of all of this somewhere, although I'm confused as to why more of it wasn't included in this story. One photo simply isn't enough. Words and talk are cheap these days, and they won't get you very far. Where's the link to a gallery of photos and video, each one time/date stamped with a description?

Makeout said...

@ Anon 10:59- "Utmost respect". Sure as fuck doesn't sound like it in the article now does it?

Anonymous said...

Antisocial personality disorder signs and symptoms may include:

So, basically, everyone you're going to vote for? And you think by removing their kin and kind from the 'hood that's going to solve something?

Here's another useful term for you:

Cognitive dissonance: the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 10:22AM - as soon as we started doling out "rights" everyone started getting complacent and pushy in their never ending quest to exercise them at the expense of all others. Burn it down. Start it over. No more rights next time but duties. If you fulfill your duties to others and everyone fulfills their duties to you, everyone gets taken care of it.

@ 10:59AM, perhaps all the "woooing" and "fun" you've been having has dulled your hearing and compromised your memory. And if all you can think about come Friday and Saturday night is getting plastered and partying till your stomach contents come up, perhaps you need to question the nature of the "hard work" that's driving you to become a senseless inebriated fool.

Anonymous said...


Idea: Crash the party. Round up twenty people and crash one of them. If you get just one name of one resident, you can just tell the cops "(Name You Got) invited me and told me to bring whoever I want" before you ask them "Why do you show up when one of THEM calls but not when their neighbors call?"

Fuck off, Anonymous Tenant. These young adults (kidults) are anything but "lively", they are inconsiderate assholes who could care less about you as well as the neighbors they disturb, but good job trying to score brownie points and an invite from the zero people among them who will read this.

The bottom line is you have to inundate the do-nothing Ninth Precinct and the landlord with calls (landlord with letters and emails, too) and if all else fails sue them or at least the landlord.

Anonymous said...

Wow, ,I thought the douche bro"s with the garden apartment at 531-533 were loud, these people are nuts. It is baffling that the police seem to take any noise complaints seriously these days. These are repeat offenders as in several times per week offenders.

The landlords must be making a killing is all I can add.

Anonymous said...

To "Someone who knows that drunken "fun having" is rarely lovely, eccentric, beautiful, or respectful",

You do realize that this is St. Marks Place - where you can get 5 shots for 10 bucks, a tattoo of whatever you want wherever you want it, a bong at the local bodega, and whatever else your heart desires. I'm not sure why you moved there expecting birds chirping in the morning and crickets at night. People who hate hipsters, stay away from Williamsburg. People who can't swim don't go in the pool. So if you hate noise, don't live in a place that has the most bars and social outlets in the entire city.

56 Saint Marks place is literally, the quietest part of the street. The problem here, is not the tenants of this building, it's that you are living in the wrong area. I'm not your therapist or doctor, but I would say it's in your best interest to move to the burbs.


-Anonymous Tenant

Anonymous said...

Good. I want these fratty, loud, obnoxious suburban pieces of shit to assimilate or get the fuck out of the neighborhood, I'm sick and third of seeing them and their flip flops woo-ing in the streets and taking over everything, and then moving.

Anonymous said...

@1:11pm: You are a complete fool. The problem is the jackass tenants, period.

That building is a few doors down from (among other things) a church that's been there for 100 years. So who's encroaching on whose territory?

We who ARE actually hard-working (and know how to have fun without being jackass-drunk) are the proud owners of this nabe. All the young snots like you can go take a flying leap and smash your brains on the ground for all I care - your brains are so small there won't even be much to clean up. I would say it's in your best interest to either move back to the burb you came from, or else find an AA meeting very very soon.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Tenant-- Moving in the city is not as easy as you make it out to be. Just "pick up and move" is not an option for many public who have built a life and a home in this area, far before you decided it was a cool place to live.

I am one of those "young professionals." I moved to St. Marks in college and have lived in my same apartment for 6+ years. It is my home and I love the sense of community that I receive from being an active and conscientiousness member. But I don't behave in the way described in this piece or many other ones like it (that happen across the city) because I'm not an entitled brat. Yes, it is a busy block and I knew that when signing my lease, but it is not an excuse for people to behave like assholes. This is not normal behavior. It is not polite behavior. And it's not something you should have to deal with just because you picked the East Village to call home (which many of these people actually don't, they'll likely live here for a year or two before moving back to whatever flyover state they came from).

Anonymous said...

Couple of notes here:

-I don't say "wooo", no one really runs around saying "wooo"
-I do wear flip-flops sometimes - they are comfortable, practical, and easy to slip on (give em a try, good sales on Amazon)
-I'm not entitled, I've worked hard to live on my own in the city
-I am not responsible for anything discussed in this article, and I don't condone it, I'm just being a realist
-This article was submitted by one angry tenant that lives right next door and hears echoes from the courtyard and probably walks around playing 'Pokemon Go' trying to catch em all
-They also have lived in their rent controlled apartment for 6 years or so

-Anonymous Tenant

ShmokinWeeds said...

Just leave the weed smokers out of your cry baby bullshit! That's all I ask.

Anonymous said...

-They also have lived in their rent controlled apartment for 6 years or so

This is impossible. But I don't expect someone who finds flip-flops to be acceptable urban footwear to know the difference between rent control and stabilization. P.S., Your feet must be disgusting.

Also, Anon Tenant, I really don't need a history lesson on what St. Marks is. I was a little juvenile delinquent hanging out on stoops there with Alexis Bittar when I was supposed to be in school. Before you were even protozoa. Now I just buy his jewelry, ha ha. God you new jack transplants are absolutely the worst. So tacky, loud, and DUMB

Anonymous said...

@2:36pm: The fact that you write "lived in their rent controlled apartment for 6 years or so" tells me exactly what a room-temperature-IQ you have (and thank you, GOJIRA, for that excellent phrase!).

You know NOTHING of NYC other than food delivery and booze.

HippieChick said...

Paintball, yes! Fight back!

Anonymous said...

It sounds just like the old days. What's the problem?

Scuba Diva said...

At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Tenant said:

I'm not your therapist or doctor, but I would say it's in your best interest to move to the burbs.

And who the f$ck are you anyway? Are you going to help me find a place, get a driver's license—haven't driven since 1981—and negotiate the red tape that would accompany being uprooted after having invested a good 30-plus years in NYC?

Yes, you have neighbors who have lived in their apartments longer than you've been alive. And guess what, there's an actual complaint hotline for unsafe, unsanitary, or high-decibel conditions.

Unfortunately, there isn't a hotline to complain about assholes like you; your whole diatribe smacks of the person in Montana who advised the person complaining about the "legendary boozy brunch" at Poco to move to Brooklyn if they couldn't take the noise.

Edmund Dunn said...

Anony 10.59 AM says: "Get a life". You can't make this shit up.

The first post ("Countdown" anyone?) of the day on this thread by me said what?

Also kudos to the posters who hit back hard re the "rent controlled apartment" remark.

Anonymous said...

Check to see if the roof decks are legal. Decks that are an extension of an apartment are particularly suspect. There's a deck next to my building that was built without a permit. The DOB eventually issued a violation, but it wasn't easy to get an inspection. I was told there are only two inspectors for Manhattan. I don't think the landlord will remove the deck unless I sue them, which I intend to do.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget we were Young once also....

Anonymous said...

A true rags to riches story. From skipping school on the stoops of St. Marks to buying Alexis Bittar jewelry and hypocritically telling others they are low IQ degenerates. You are sitting here saying that we are making the neighborhood worse over time, when you were previously a stoop kid.


BTW - thank you for the room temperature IQ compliment. Room's in NYC are super hot this time of year.

-Anon Ten

Anonymous said...

This is the type of energy that Roos wanting to move here.

Anonymous said...

@3:49pm: Yes, we were young once, and we can generally REMEMBER it, b/c most of us weren't off our heads drunk. My friends and I would have been embarrassed to be seen behaving the way today's young jerks behave every.single.weekend. I'd have been (rightly) looked down on by my neighbors for that behavior, and since I have self-respect, I didn't want everyone to think I was an asshole - thus I respected my neighbors and I did not behave like an asshole. (Unlike today's bro's/ho's who take pride in behaving like teenage jerks in public on every possible occasion. Tip: It's NOT cool, and you look like you belong in a ward at Bellevue.)

Why is behaving like an adult such an uphill climb for today's young people? Where is their sense of respect and dignity - for themselves and for the others who live near them? Were they raised that badly? Or are they just too lazy to make the effort?

Edmund Dunn said...

"Dont forget we were Young once also...."

No, this is Bro/Woo-Hoo culture, a culture once totally alien to the EV, never mind most of NYC.

Defending Bro/Hoo-Hoo culture is defending the indefensible.

Edmund Dunn said...

Anonymous Tenant at 1:11 PM says the "move to" line.

You cannot make this shit up 2.0.

Anonymous said...

@3:41 pm

You are dead right. The only strategy that works against landlords is to sue early, and sue often. There's a tort called "private nuisance" you can use against neighbors who make excessive noise.

@anonymous tenant

You do realize you are betraying your roots as a hayseed suburban transplant who will move back to shaker heights or short hills within 5 years, right? Those of us who are natives know that in New York, one man's floor is another man's ceiling, and that we must therefore be extra solicitous of our neighbors. The attitude of "if you don't like the noise, get out of here" is redolent of suburban spatial attitudes where you can blast drake at all hours because the land is subdivided into single family homes with good insulation and dampening space between buildings. Back across whatever bridge or tunnel you took to get onto our island.

Edmund Dunn said...

Oh, I forgot, the now infamous 10.29 AM said the "move to" line as well.
You can't make this shit up 3.0.

From the Bro link I posted:

“He is pulsing like the mercury on a cartoon thermometer; he is ready to explode through the glass. It seems impossible for a human being to care this much about recreation, to care this much about celebrating something so tiny, so contrived, but that is why he is alive. He will come, he will see, he will conquer. He will vomit out the window of a taxi. He is the American Bro.”

Anonymous said...

@3:51pm: You just keep proving how dumb you are. First rent control (of which you know nothing), and now you're happy to have a room-temperature IQ (proving you know nothing of IQ levels). One more and you get a prize: a one-way ticket back to wherever you were raised!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha... Very good :D

JAZ said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds just like the old days. What's the problem?"

The problem is exactly that; If you try to handle it today the way it would be handled in the old days, you will end up in a world of trouble. The unchecked 4am bro wails and woooos is one of the results of knowing there are no consequences to acting that way, especially when you add to that the compliant slumlords, along with the 24/7 emergency line of their daddy's Connecticut law firm preprogrammed into their iphone.

Anonymous said...

I detest the bro mentality here. It is nauseating and disrespectful, especially on the weekends. I've had to wear ear plugs and have the AC on during the winter to ease the noise. When I've yelled at those from my fire escape to keep it down past midnight on Ave C and 7th, I too am told to "suck someone's fat cock or eat their hairy pussy." One a guy pulled down his shorts, turned the other way and farted very loud almost near deification on the sidewalk. This type of behavior isn't funny once you're an adult with bills to pay, responsibilities to uphold, and jobs to report to in the early hours. Yet, this kind of frat boy, trust fund kid archetype is adorned. I certainly hope for the sake of those on St.Marks, that their voices are heard and realized. Why in the fuck do we pay so much to live here if we cannot even abide by peace and calm, high above the ground floor? Bullshit! We need to take our neighborhood back from the bros, dimwitted sorority girls and shitheads.

cmarrtyy said...

The landlords don't care who they rent to as long as there are no problems that will cost them time or money. Make the landlord suffer. If you write to the landlord after each party that certain tenants are a threat to the health and safety of the other tenants in the building... he will get the drift that you are setting him up for a lawsuit or criminal charges. It worked in my building.

Anonymous said...

To be clear, the dissent against the noise is not a sole voice - as some might think.

I myself live in a neighboring building and am a young professional. I don't mind a party or people enjoying themselves, but the level and frequency of 56 STM revelry is typically observed in the bars, which exist in the neighborhood for a reason.

Like me, I doubt the majority are against people having fun and nobody needs to completely stop partying... There does however need to be a materially better balance than what there currently is and a greater respect for the needs of fellow EV residents. It's in everyone's best interests!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Tenant

I've seen multiple apartments in 56 St. Marks and know what people pay in monthly rent. You do realize this building is one of the worst values in the entire neighborhood outside of the douchey million dollar condos on Avenue C? You may not realize it now, but in 5 or 10 years it will dawn on you how much you got ripped off and that in a neighborhood full of a wonderful, vibrant culture, you chose to live in the most vanilla, vineyard vine, vas deferens building possible.

Your attempts to legitimize the unruly tenants of this building is a disservice to yourself and others who actually contribute to the diverse culture of the neighborhood.

-Signed by a white 30 year old male

Anonymous said...

JAZ, Wasn't it Iggy Pop who said "Around here, no one would dare shut you up for making noise"?

Anonymous said...

And to think that I still cringe with guilt about the time, 30 years ago, when my upstairs neighbor on east 7th came down in her bathrobe and knocked on my door at 1 am and apologetically explained that my buddy and I were playing v u songs on our acoustic guitars maybe just a little too loudly, and she had to go to work in the morning. I guess that guilt came from a sense of social responsibility that is now antiquated.

Anonymous said...

@5:42pm: cmarrtty you are right about writing to the landlord re: certain tenants being a hazard to the health and safety of others in the building. Most landlords can smell a lawsuit a mile away, and it's always good to create a paper trail that can be presented in court or to the police or FDNY or to whomever in NYC gov't.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon Toolbox,

I actually wasn't a stoop kid (I wish). I was mostly hanging out on St. Marks because my best friend ran away and I'd cut school sometimes to meet her there and hope she would show up. She was living in a squat on 8th and C and dating Hare Krishna skinhead royalty, it was kind of hard to keep track of her ... anyway I am sure these exploits cannot compare to the glamour of rooftop screaming, dirty flip-flops, and drunken brofests. All I have is my beautiful Bittar jewelry and my rent stabilized apartment to keep me warm, WOE BETIDE ME.

Shmokey McShmokster said...

Smoke weed every day!......but only inside. And with every possible place where smell could get out blocked....So my fellow neighbors don't immediately call the murder squad. #Respect

Anonymous said...

At one time NYC was known for it's sophistication and intellectuals. Looks like those days are long gone. 20-30 years ago these bros and hos would have NEVER lasted in this neighborhood. Most likely they would have never even come down here.

Welcome to de-evolution at warp speed...

Anonymous said...

So, what happened last night at the meeting?

PS: @2:27am: You're right, the bros & hos would have been afraid to come down here back in the day! They'd be huddled in the safety of the UES.

Anonymous said...

Videotape this roof with timestamp whenever their nonsense happens.

Anonymous said...

10:59 thinks rent concessions "must" follow if a roof deck is closed. This is hilarious! It is so obvious that the only people defending this LAME behavior - and that is what it is, not edgy, sexy, interesting, cool - just LAME suburban transplant average - are the new suburban transplants. When they talk about St. Mark's and its history, they clearly don't get that the "old" St. Mark's was cool and interesting because NO ONE like them was there!!!A lot of us came here to escape those types! And now they're here telling US about the EV argh

Anonymous said...

Dear Grieve - could you please post an update to this meeting? I am curious if anything positive came of it.

Anonymous said...