Thursday, November 10, 2016

EV Grieve Etc.: Anti-Trump protests continue; the 'effortlessly cool' LES

[Subway art on 7th Street via Derek Berg]

Trump demonstrations in NYC (Gothamist ... B+B ... with more on the way)

After Trump's win, no clear answers for New York City's undocumented immigrants (Politico)

Yuh-Line Niou elected to State Assembly (The Lo-Down)

Arts and Election Day in the East Village (The New Yorker)

71-year-old man robbed twice in two weeks in the Wald Houses (Daily News)

A walk through the shops and galleries of the "effortlessly cool" Lower East Side (The New York Times)

A visit to Thursday Kitchen on East Ninth Street (The New York Time ...previously)

The elusive Cooper's hawk in Tompkins Square Park (Laura Goggin Photography)

A look at menu item at the new Nordic restaurant n’eat on Second Avenue (Grub Street)

Sales of air rights falling in NYC (The Real Deal)

"Anguish," an "undeservedly obscure, offbeat thriller" from 1987, plays Saturday afternoon at 4:45 (Anthology Film Archives)

Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side” 44 years later (Off the Grid)

...and over at Academy Record on 12th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A...

Putting out about 100+ punk singles at the 12th street shop. Here's some of them. #punk #uk82 #ushc #anarchyinyourbedroom

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Makeout said...

Hi! Been a minute. Fuck people who pray on the elderly. And folks just think- Hinckley out soon right? "Tan, rested & ready" Banned in D.C.!

Anonymous said...

If his normal behavior is to walk around with large sums of cash on his person, someone noticed. And that someone told a friend and they decided to find out where the source of this cash is.