Thursday, December 1, 2016

East Village students show support on World AIDS Day

Students from the Children's Workshop School on East 12th Street took part in parade today in honor of World AIDS Day 2016 ... their route took them through Tompkins Square Park...

Photos by Derek Berg


Gojira said...

What a lovely thing to see. Maybe this is the generation that will finally vanquish the Trump-style haters and bring about an era of acceptance of alternate lifestyle choices. We can only hope.

Cory Zapatka said...

Unfortunately, for every open-minded liberally raised child in New York, there's a conservative, narrow-minded child being raised somewhere else in this country -- many of whom will never sympathize with, know, or be friends with a person with AIDS.

Pinch said...

Overall, the level of acceptance of other people, ideas etc. in this country has been increasing, over the past number of decades especially. There is still progress to be made no doubt but to suggest that there has hardly been any is just not accurate, in my opinion.

thisiskdo said...

Cory, Trump's stunning upset was in large part to people like you who assume that someone's political beliefs are inextricably tied to their humanitarian outlook. Enjoy your echo chamber. In the meantime I will communicate with people who share my republican beliefs about the need for compassion for people from all walks of life, regardless of moral and political leanings.

Eden Bee said...

This is wonderful to see.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Thisiskdo for showing true tolerance for all.

Anonymous said...

NYU students should be embarrassed that these kids are doing more activism than they are.

I mean let's be real here:

Do you EVER see NYU students who live in/around the East Village doing something like this besides a demonstration over a living wage for NYU staff and work study students i.e. something they want for themselves? I don't.

Where is the NYU student protest over Trump's reelection? Nowhere.

NYU is an absolute cipher when it comes to activism.

Cory Zapatka said...

@thisiskdo - That's not what I was insinuating at all. My comment was largely aimed towards those living in the rural midwest who will raise children that will not be exposed to this sort of thing. It just (coincidentally?) happens that the majority of those people are Republicans.

I have plenty of Republican friends who live in suburban and urban cities, and I know that being Republican =/= lacking sympathy for others. It's silly to assume that that's what my outlook is, and to pin "people like me" as the reason Trump won is a bit extreme, given that you don't know anything about where I live or who I voted for. Fighting my generalization with a generalization and then stating that you're going to go "talk to your republican friends" is just further alienating the two parties. Why not speak to democrats, as well?

Feel free to call or text, I'd love to discuss and escape this apparent echo chamber that I live in.


Anonymous said...


I saw dozens of NYU students wandering the streets after Sandy looking for people to help (after they were turned away by some organizations because they already had too many volunteers).

So to answer your question, yes, I've seen NYU students give back to the EV. I've also seen them actively work towards LGBTQ issues and support in a variety of manners BLM.

And you don't think a sizable number of participants in the Trump protests are NYU students? That's an "interesting" observation.

Or is your entire criticism of NYU students a veiled criticism of foreign students (particularly Chinese) that are obviously not as politically active with respect to American issues?

Anonymous said...

12:09pm, 10:24am here.

BS re: NYU students looking to volunteer after Sandy. Name me ONE thing NYU students have given back to the EV besides clog the streets with their loud, drunken, vomiting, zero culture/art-creating nonsense and drive up the rents and tenants out because three or more of them live in an apartment and have no problem paying way more than a family or working person/couple without one could? They're by and large spoiled, self-entitled, oblivious little brats unlike these kids who marched.

LGBTQ is a global issue and BLM is a national organization with no EV chapter but nice try. Yeah NYU students have been in Trump protests, right, but where's the one ORGANIZED BY THEM? Nowhere. It's easy to march in what others have organized.

Veiled criticism towards foreign students? Please. Since you mention them, yeah they don't do anything to support the EV either, so what of it?