Friday, February 10, 2017

Take in a free reptile workshop at Social Tees

[EVG photo from Jan. 30]

The fine folks at Social Tees Animal Rescue on East Fifth Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue are offering this workshop tomorrow (Saturday!) at 5 p.m. ...

So some cool news is: We are starting to host FREE REPTILE WORKSHOPS where beginners as well as seasoned "herpers" can come to learn and share info on snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, and more! (Fun fact: The first critters we rescued back in the day were reptiles, and that's how our whole rescue operation began!) The first official workshop will be THIS SATURDAY (February 11) at 5pm at Social Tees on 5th Street. Many reptile owners accidentally aren't giving their pets proper care because there is so much bunk advice out there in the pet industry, and we want to make sure your scaly beloveds are getting the right nutrition, lighting, etc. so they can thrive. COME ON DOWN for an hour of tips, suggestions, and important info! Kids are welcome (accompanied by an adult, of course). We'll have some really awesome live animals (including this one!) for demonstration. PLEASE EMAIL if you can make it, we are looking forward to having you! #reptile #tortoise #russiantortoise #reptilesofinstagram #animalrescue #nature #nycevent #workshop #education #raisingawareness #reptilerescue #beautiful #socialtees #socialteesnyc #straypride

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marjorie said...

"herpers." heh-heh. heh-heh.

Scuba Diva said...

He's not Russian; he's just taking his time. >rimshot<