Sunday, December 10, 2017

The 'other' hawk

As Goggla first pointed out on Friday, Christo, the red-tailed hawk of Tompkins Square Park, has been seen in the companionship of another hawk while Dora recuperates from an injured wing.

The Park's hawkarazzi have been busy keeping an eye on the new hawk, called Not-Dora (Nora?) or Arod (for the opposite of Dora, plus Arod had an affair with Madonna).

Steven shared these photos of the new hawk hanging around the Park...

This relationship has possibly been blown out of proportion. To date, Christo and Not-Dora have only been spotted sharing a branch and, possibly, a rat.

As Goggla wrote on Friday:

Red-tails mate for life and the good news is Dora is alive. She will be released back into the park when she is healed, but that could take some time. What will happen at that time remains to be seen. I'm hoping everything will work out as it should.

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Scandal in Tompkins Square Park as Christo courts new hawk while Dora recuperates

The Tompkins Square Park holiday tree — now with the lights on

EVG contributor Steven shared this photo this afternoon from the 26th annual tree lighting in Tompkins Square Park.

And via Lola Sāenz ...

Updated 8 p.m.

EVG reader Cheyenne passed along these photos of some of the dogs in attendance ...

... and a shot of the tree...

Week in Grieview

[Midnight Saturday in Tompkins Square Park via a reader]

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And, as of Dec. 2, this mural went up in First Street Green Art Park via East Village resident Arianna Margulis, creator of the Instagram illustration series But Like Maybe (read more about her here) ...

It's a statement for Planned Parenthood.


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Sunday morning's cleanup

A super on 13th Street near Third Avenue was sweeping up some remains of SantaCon...

Holiday Fair at the Neighborhood School TODAY

The Neighborhood School's annual holiday fair is today from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 121 E. Third St. between Avenue A and First Avenue... highlights include a rummage sale and book fair via McNally Jackson (and BOX MAZE!)...

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saturday's parting shot

Tompkins Square Park today by Bobby Williams...

SantaCon 2017

[Photo via Instagram by James and Karla Murray]

A few scenes from SantaCon today in the East Village...

Above two photos by Steven...


Above photos by Derek Berg...


Photo at the DeathStar Shake Shack by 8E...


1:30 p.m., 2nd Avenue and 9th Street

Photos by Steven

The first snow photo of this Dec. 9

The view on 10th Street and Avenue C at 11 a.m. via Bobby Williams...

Santa Claus is back on 14th and 1st

The Christmas-tree-selling crew on 14th Street near First Avenue broke out the inflatable Santa this morning, as EVG regular Pinch notes ... and just in time for some picturesque snowfall photo opps, like this one...

This inflatable is a little more cheery than the previous models — Grubby ol' St. Nick, Trailer Park Santa Claus, Half-in-the-Bag Santa, etc. — on this corner.

[Who wore it better? Santa or Hercule Poirot?]

Storm center 12/9/17: City crews, IHOP prepped for the snowfall

If you were unsure about going out this morning with the inclement weather, then put your mind at ease... IHOP has prepped its sidewalk on 14th Street for the incoming flurries snow.

Elsewhere, 1 Avenue B has already blown its 2017-18 ice melt budget in one morning...

City crews are out...

Supply lines are open...

So sit back and relax...


First sighting... 8:36 a.m.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Scandal in Tompkins Square Park as Christo courts new hawk while Dora recuperates

While Dora is rehabbing an injured wing, her partner Christo — 10 hawklets between them — has been seen in the company of another red-tailed hawk in recent days...

Steven shared these photos of the other hawk ... nicknamed Not-Dora (Nora?) or, the opposite of Dora, Arod (ack!)...

Anyway, here's Goggla with more:

While I've been mourning Dora's absence and am hoping for her swift return, all Christo knows is that Dora is gone and his life must go on.

There have been several hawks around lately and I think a new female has been in the park the last few days. Christo and this new hawk were seen being aggressive with each other yesterday, but it appears he has now accepted her.

Whoa. Read more from Goggla here.

Dora is rehabbing on Long Island at the moment... and she will be released into Tompkins Square Park when the time is right. Her return promises to be dramatic.