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This gap is easy

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From the Post:

Daredevil Lower East Side cyclists are turning clunky, notoriously heavy CitiBikes into their personal stunt bikes, pulling off gravity-defying stunts with wheelies across alleys and jumps off stairs, then posting videos of the free-wheeling antics to an Instagram account called “Citibikeboyz.”

The ‘boyz’ behind the account say they actually feel safer jumping over a curb or doing a wheelie on the 45-pound, carefully-designed rides.

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And by the way, Sunday marks Citi Bike's fifth anniversary in the City...there will be cake...

Bird watch: A nesting American robin on 3rd Street and Avenue B

An American robin recently built a nest on the fire escape outside David Browning's window on Third Street near Avenue B ... and this past weekend, two of the eggs hatched.

David shared these photos that he took during the last few days...

"I feel lucky these robins picked my fire escape for their nest," said Browning, who has lived in the building for 16 years. "It’s really awesome to watch unfold."

Mast Books launches sale ahead of short move on Avenue A

[Photo from early April]

Back on May 1 in our "Empty corner storefronts on Avenue A" post, we noted that Mast Books was moving a few storefronts away to the larger space on Avenue A at Fifth Street.

This past weekend Mast announced a sale on Instagram ahead of the relocation...

The storefront has sat empty since East Village Pharmacy moved to 41 Avenue A in early 2011. (There was also the brief reign of Gestations.)

As previously noted, this is a good block for retail here between Fifth Street and Fourth Street … with a coffee shop/cafe (Croissanteria), a housewares shop (Lancelotti), a bookstore (Mast), a magazine shop (Ink on A), a gift shop (Alphabets), a dry cleaners … not to mention the nail salon, lottery place and the liquor store.

Mast opened on A in May 2010.

Former Lovecraft space for rent on Avenue B

After sitting in the dark these past three-plus months, the bar-restaurant inspired by horror writer H. P. Lovecraft is now for lease at 50 Avenue B near Fourth Street.

And so this officially brings an end to Lovecraft, which opened in August 2014. (There was some speculation among neighbors that the place would reopen.)

Johnny Favorite's, the pizzeria attached to the Lovecraft space around the corner on Fourth, is also for lease... as is the former 212 Arts gallery, which recently relocated to 12th Street.

Johnny Favorite's hasn't been open since this past August. (The pizzeria debuted in April 2015.)

This listing hasn't arrived online at CityConnections just yet.

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24 St. Mark's Place sells for $12.9 million

There's a new owner for 24 St. Mark's Place, a 17-unit, 6-floor walk-up with Ben & Jerry's in the retail space here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

The transaction hit public records last week with an LLC linked to a Greene Street address as the seller, and an LLC in Great Neck as the buyer. The purchase price was $12.9 million.

The Traded: New York Instagram account posted that Laurence Beame sold the property to Danny Hakakian.

A Bahram (Danny) Hakakian of Great Neck was once on City Councilmember Bill de Blasio's "Slumlord Watch List," according to the Daily News in 2009.

In 2011, The Real Deal's analysis of city records found that "there were 3,020 housing code violations on the 334 units" in the 17 buildings that Hakakian reportedly owned. (He had just sold many of the properties.) That figure came out to about nine violations per unit.

Since then, however, Hakakian has not appeared on any lists, such as the 2017 Worst Landlords Watchlist via Public Advocate Letitia James.

The building was last sold for $5.3 million in January 2012, per public records.

Icon Realty shaves $4 million off of its 9th Street townhouse ask

[Image via Streeteasy]

Icon Realty's 7-level townhouse at 327 E. Ninth St. has been on the market these last six months as both a $30,000 rental and a $17-million whole-building buy.

Icon recently dropped the ask from $17 million to $13 million.

And to refresh your memory about the design and amenities... here's Streeteasy:

Designed by Isaac & Stern Architects with interiors by Paris Forino, this brand-new building was designed with a traditional limestone facade that stands as a new classic. Utilizing modern finishes that establish a new contemporary elegance, this home raises the benchmark for luxury living in the East Village.

Each sunlit floor offers open layouts and a transitional aesthetic featuring a light color palette which has been highlighted by White Appalachian Oak Floors with radiant heating and Christopher Peacock Kitchens with luxurious Italian Arabescato Marble countertops and backsplashes.

Bathrooms feature Dornbracht fixtures adorned with Zebrino Marble.

The building features outstanding private outdoor experiences with private balconies on each floor, an expansive roof deck and multiple landscaped private patio spaces with copper trimmed LED perimeter lighting and full outdoor kitchens.

The townhouse — nearly five years in the making — is at the site of a former parking lot here between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

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Monday's parting shot

Extras from "The Deuce" shoot today on Fourth Street between Second Avenue and the Bowery...photo by Derek Berg

A St. Mark's sinkhole

This morning around 8:30, a city garbage truck got stuck when a wheel-sized section of St. Mark's Place collapsed between Avenue A and First Avenue... EVG reader Cassondra Bazelow shared these photos...

The truck was eventually freed from sinkhole captivity ... for the time being, you may want to avoid driving over this section in any type of truck...

A (familiar) new owner for the 11th Street Bar

There's understandably cause for concern when your favorite bar-restaurant shows up on a CB3-SLA meeting agenda with a new ownership team. (The Grassroots Tavern is one recent example.)

However, in the case of the 11th Street Bar, new ownership is expected to pretty much mean business as usual.

Dan Sweeney, a bartender at the pub between Avenue A and Avenue B these past seven-plus years, is one of the principals buying the 11th Street Bar. (One of the original 11th Street Bar owners is deceased and the other moved to Texas.)

Last week, CB3's SLA committee approved the new liquor-license application from Sweeney and his partners, Diarmuid and Meghan Joye, who own two Lower East Side Bars (Donnybrook and Lucky Jack's) as well as Blue Haven on West Houston Street. (Meghan Joye is also a member of CB3, where she is economic development chair.)

Sweeney told EVG correspondent Steven that they weren't planning on many changes, aside from a new awning as well as an expanded food/snacks menu.

In addition, the 11th Street Bar will continue on with its music nights, such as the Irish sessions on Sundays and jazz on Mondays.

Sweeney, a Long Island native, was employed as a financial analyst after college. He was in 7 World Trade Center on 9/11. That experience prompted him to take a different career path. Before starting at the 11th Street Bar, he worked for 10 years at the Saint Mark's Ale House.

The 11th Street Bar opened in January 1997.

H/T Gary!

Mikey Likes It was back open this past weekend

After a three-plus-week closure, Mikey Likes It reopened on Friday evening at 199 Avenue A between 12th Street and 13th Street.

On Friday afternoon, Mikey's posted the following message to Facebook: "After a few minor technical difficulties, our East Village location is back."

And by Saturday...

[Photo by Lola Sáenz]

Owner Michael "Mikey" Cole told EVG reader Brucie on Saturday that the machine they use to make the ice cream broke down, and it took weeks to get the right parts ordered and delivered — and to get the proper repair. (Mikey also said that they're looking into buying spare parts or another machine as a backup so this doesn't happen again.)

[Photo Saturday night at close by Brucie]

Saturday also marked the four-year anniversary for the shop.

Dian Kitchen new serving rice noodles on 9th Street

Dian Kitchen is now in soft-open mode at 435 E. Ninth St. between Avenue A and First Avenue ...

Dian Kitchen serves rice noodles and other small dishes from China's Yunnan province, where the owner is from... You can check out the Dian Kitchen Instagram account for some food pics.

The restaurant is open daily 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Thanks to Steven for the photos!

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Beer and wine notice for Fire & Water on 7th Street

The CB3 meeting notice is up at 111 E. Seventh St., where East Village-based restaurateur Ravi DeRossi plans to expand his vegan empire with the opening of Fire & Water.

DeRossi's team will be seeking a beer-wine license for the address at, presumably, the June CB3-SLA meeting. (CB3 hasn't released the June schedule just yet.)

Eater first reported that DeRossi will "veganize two cuisines at once — sushi and dim sum" with Fire & Water. The restaurant, next door to his Lady Bird tapas cafe, will feature a Japanese sushi counter with 16 seats as well as a Chinese dim sum cart service in a 36-seat section.

This address has been a retail space in recent years — a showroom for furniture designer Todd Hase for one year and the Village Style Vintage Shop before that.

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Suffolk Arms signage stripped away; Suffolk Arms V2 on the way?

Suffolk Arms, the cocktail lounge on Houston at Suffolk, went dark in early April, as first reported here.

Neat Pour reported on April 9 that Suffolk Arms "would reopen at a later date with a new concept, but the same staff." Neat Pour also said that co-owners Ruben Rodriguez and Giuseppe González are "at odds with one another."

By April 16, there was a sign on the front door noting a temporary closure for "renovation and mechanical upgrades." A week later, González, a "Star Wars" fan, left a cryptic, Yoda-esque message on social media: "Closed, Suffolk Arms now is. See you again, we will."

The Suffolk Arms sign was removed from the corner space last week. The bar's website now features this message: "Suffolk Arms V2.0 Coming Soon."

No idea if this will be from Team González or Team Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, the "renovation and mechanical upgrades" sign remains on the door...

The upscale bar, lined with portraits of famous New Yorkers, opened in February 2016.

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The force is apparently no longer with Suffolk Arms

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Care to dance?

Here are a few photos from yesterday's rather soggy Dance Parade and DanceFest... where a little rain didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the participants... organizers said that some 10,000 dancers from 150-plus organizations took part in the 12th annual event ...

[Top 2 photos by Steven]

This year's theme, "The Cabaret of Life," celebrated the repeal last fall of NYC's Cabaret Law that dated to 1926.

EVG contributor Derek Berg shared these photos from along St. Mark's Place and in Tompkins Square Park for the DanceFest...

Week in Grieview

[Photo in Tompkins Square Park by Derek Berg]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

RIP Glenn Branca (Monday) ... Beverly Bronson (Thursday) ... and Mikey Evans (Friday)

Target sets July 21 opening date on 14th Street and Avenue A (Thursday)

Report: Steve Croman's post-jail plans include welcome-home party in the Greek Islands (Monday)

LPC OKs 3-story addition to 827-831 Broadway (Wednesday)

CSA sign-up time at the 14th Street Y (Thursday)

A home for sale in this pastel-colored townhouse on 7th Street (Tuesday)

The latest on the city's rat-curbing initiatives (Monday)

Boutique health studio shaping up on 6th Street (Friday)

Hunan Slurp Shop now in soft-open mode (Thursday)

Tree down on 9th Street (Tuesday)

Dan and John's new dining room expected to open this week (Wednesday)

Wendigo Productions closing its retail-consignment shop on Avenue A (Tuesday)

BarBacon signage arrives on 4th Avenue (Monday)

Yuan Noodle may be yielding to a Mexican restaurant on 2nd Avenue (Monday)

New owner: 'My goal is to keep Eisenberg’s the way that it has been' (Tuesday)

Double Chicken Please vying for former Shoolbred's space on 2nd Avenue (Monday)

So long East Village Cheese (Thursday)

Santatorum has not been open lately on Avenue C (Monday)

... and this Twiggy in a telephone box arrived this past week on Second Street at First Avenue — wheatpaste courtesy of @d7606art ...


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Spotted at Queen Vic on Second Avenue at Fourth Street... for those of you making plans for the coming week.

LES History Month exhibit offers a snapshot of 'Photographing Downtown 1977-1987'

As part of Lower East Side History Month, the Living Gallery Outpost at 246 E. Fourth St. between Avenue B and Avenue C is hosting a series of events and a pop-up exhibition that delves into the downtown scene of 1977-1987.

Here are details via the EVG inbox...

"ENTHRALL & SQUALOR: Photographing Downtown 1977-1987" brings together the photographic work of four New York originals who captured the essence of a time indelibly etched in the City’s consciousness.

Alexis Adler will show photos of a young Jean-Michel Basquiat and the East Village apartment they squatted together in 1979 after he dropped out of high school while transitioning from graffiti artist to icon.

Arlene Gottfried (1951-2017) "...chronicled life the way she saw it, thriving on the energy ofthe streets, roaming and recording everything she felt through a deeply empathetic and loving lens." — Paul Moakley, TIME magazine.

• Meryl Meisler will exhibit classic images of CBGB and Infinity Disco from her books "A Tale of Two Cities: Disco Era Bushwick" and "Purgatory & Paradise: SASSY ‘70s Suburbia & The City."

Ken Schles will deconstruct and install 168 prints from his downtown books, "Invisible City" and "Night Walk," creating an immersive chronicle of his life downtown ...

The opening reception is tonight from 6-8.

And here are more details on a few event associated with the exhibit, including...

• Special event: Night Walk Tour
Join us Monday from 7 to 9 for a special Night Walk. Alexis Adler, Meryl Meisler and Ken Schles will take you on tour of downtown sites documented in their books. The tour will culminate with refreshments at The Storefront Project, 70 Orchard St. where Meisler’s Lower East Side photos of the 1970s and 1980s are on exhibit. Tickets are available through Eventbright for $10.

• Wednesday, May 23: Artist talks and book signings. Hear the artists in their own words. Karen Gottfried will tell Arlene's story. 7-9 p.m. Gallery opens at 6 p.m.

• Thursday, May 24: Share your downtown stories (and closing party), 6-9 p.m.

Let's try that plant and bake sale at the 6 & B Garden again

The rain washed out the annual plan and bake sale at the 6th Street and Avenue B Community Garden‎ last Sunday ... so garden members are trying again today from noon to 5 p.m.

Via the EVG inbox...

This is a fundraiser and proceeds from any sale goes to fund the 6&B Events Program that brings you FREE Events — Music, workshops, poetry, screenings and much more throughout the summer months! Help support us — buy a plant, a yummy home-made baked good, a T-shirt and more!

The community garden is on the southwest corner of Avenue B and Sixth Street.

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Dance up a storm today in Tompkins Square Park

[DanceFest photo from 2017 by Stacie Joy]

The Dance Parade heads into Tompkins Square Park today, where the annual DanceFest is happening — even in the rain — from 3 to 7.

During that time, you'll find...

Five stages and site specific work throughout the park offer something for everybody including performances by culturally diverse participants from the parade and an opportunity to learn dance from the city's best dance teachers!

Here are highlights from last year ... primarily featuring the Pirate Ship ...

Find more details here.

About the 6BC Botanical Garden orientation day

[Image via Facebook]

In case you had an interest in becoming a member of the 6BC Botanical Garden ... their (possibly) last orientation and workday is now Sunday at 11:30 a.m. (It was originally scheduled today; moved due to the rain.) A garden member shared this...

Find more details here. The garden is on Sixth Street between Avenue B and Avenue C.

Last night's parting shot

A kiss before the L on First Avenue and 14th Street ... photo by Dan Efram