Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cooper Square street renovations claim 1st exhaust system

(That we know about...)

Photo by Derek Berg


  1. This is actually the third victim, the first two were the EV's identity and soul.

  2. This whole f*cking project is nothing but a transfer of taxpayer dollars to the Triumph Construction Company. In the 36 years I've lived here, there was never a problem with traffic on 4th and 5th Streets and The Bowery. I think this was initiated by Bloomberg and continued by the weasel DeBlasio.

  3. That's ridiculous. That was abandoned there.

    As far as traffic on 4th and 5th is concerned, it's true that there was no problem there, but that was because of the way Astor Place was constructed. With the changes being made, there *would be* problems on 4th and 5th, and it's better to fix them now than 30 years from now.

  4. I guess the Death Star needs a nice launch pad, so happy our tax $ could make it happen.

  5. What about me? It's exhausted my system... too.!

  6. Thank goodness you captioned that, EVG - at first glance, that looked like a huge snake!

  7. Looks like u need the Midas touch


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