Saturday, January 26, 2019

Ghost signage reveal on 5th Street

Workers renovating 317 E. Fifth St. between First Avenue and Second Avenue uncovered this ghost signage today ... Derek Berg spotted this earlier today... Wines & Lager Beer (early BEER STORE?)... I can't quite make out the first name (Cosrt?)...

Updated 1/27

I looked at the city tax photos for this address ... a business is in the space, though it doesn't have this wine/lager signage...

Can't quite make out the sign ...


  1. we gotta know if this got saved. I don't mean that some fucks bought it to resell to some shitbags so they can put it in their condo, it needs to be preserved for the neighborhood.

  2. Right by the 9th Precinct,eh? The boys in blue must have done alot of drinking in the old days, glug glug glug...

  3. Bring it to The Thirsty Scholar on 10th and 2nd and I'll put it somewhere where it will be seen

  4. I guess "lager beer" was the craft beer of its day. That is quite interesting.

  5. Was cals bar all the cops hung out there made breakfast in the morning

  6. Next door to me and I keep forgetting to look!

  7. Carol from East 5th StreetJanuary 27, 2019 at 9:11 PM

    Yes there was a bar there when I moved across the street thirty years ago where all the police would hang out.

  8. Look at that amazing shoemaker/cobbler sign protruding from the building closest to the precinct!


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