Friday, August 2, 2019

August Friday post: The EVG 'A visit to...' archives

Stacie Joy has been contributing a feature called "A visit to ..." this past year. Here's a look at the places she has visited to date...

Metropolis Vintage

East River Park

Desi Galli

St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery

Zadie's Oyster Room

City Fun

Sei Shin Dojo

Gem Spa

The Bhakti Center

Bank Street Head Start

The Pyramid Club

Lui’s Thai Food

Peter Jarema Funeral Home

Sixth Street Specials

Now Yoga

Dumpling Man


Rossy's Bakery & Café

Mashbill Wine & Spirits

C&B Cafe

Tompkins Square Library branch

Yoli Restaurant

Eat’s Khao Man Gai

Bali Kitchen

Il Posto Accanto

Streecha Ukrainian Kitchen

[The staff at Lancelotti]

Lancelotti Housewares

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Goggla said...

I've really been enjoying this series. Thank you, Stacie and EVG!