Friday, August 14, 2020

Bleecker Street Bar closing on Aug. 30

Bleecker Street Bar's 30-year tenure on the corner of Bleecker and Crosby is coming to an end this month.

Yesterday, owners of the neighborhood bar announced a permanent closure at this location after service on Aug. 30. Apparently the landlord wasn't interested in a lease extension.

On the positive side, they did leave open the possibility of a return in another location. Here's part of the announcement via Instagram:

It is with a very heavy heart that we are here to announce we will be closing our doors here at 56 Bleecker Street end of day, August 30th. All of our efforts to negotiate a reasonable lease extension with our landlord have failed.

We will be looking into some possible future incarnation of Bleecker Street Bar, and we will keep fighting the good fight, but the one thing we know for sure is that our industry has taken some fatal blows, and the future is very uncertain. We have loved being a part of NoHo, watching the many incarnations over the years, even though it's painful to feel there are less and less neighborhoods for places like us to exist anymore.

But onward we go...Now we especially would like to thank the many many people who have made our bar so special over the last 30 years. It's true that the people make a place, and we have been incredibly fortunate to have the best customers, and far and away the best staff since we opened our doors in 1990. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. So come on by in the next few weeks, enjoy some outside seating, some dumplings, and raise a glass.

With love and a broken heart,
-The Owners, Managers, and Staff of Bleecker Street Bar.


  1. Major bummer. Thanks for the memories/hope to see a future establishment!

  2. Very sad to hear. They had amazing Bloody Marys.

  3. This was the meeting place for someone whom I has having an affair. She lived uptown thus her significant other does not know the places downtown. Ain't proud of my behavior, but often times the id dominates and I can't resist the temptation--am only human after all. She's still married to him ( I don't think he ever found out about the affair) and they have two beautiful and wonderful kids and have moved out of NY since. Often times, these closings/places featured here triggers a memory recall, much like Proust's biting into that petites madeleines.

    -signed, the guy who cried on New Year's Eve at the Continental

    1. May this closure give you closure.
      I'm never getting married

  4. this makes me sad. Please please please don't close Ace Bar(same owner)

  5. WTH does the landlord expect to gain from this, other than claiming the vacancy for NYS taxes.

  6. You realize about 50 percent of retail stores, 70 percent of restaurants and 90 percent of bars won't survive this never ending lockdown. Maybe the landlord knows that and will just wait and see what happens. Would this place have survived with a new lease? Considering how many people and businesses are permanently leaving it might not have worked anyway.

    1. Not with the terms being “offered” for renewal. Not only no relief or forgiveness for COVID, but and I crease in rent starting November 1st.

  7. What these greedy landlords don't yet realize, is that they are destroying the very establishments that keep people who make New York City, one of the world's greatest, around. When great people leave, they take the greatness and the good times with them. Then without the public care or demand, no one will be extremely interested in paying high rents for locations that have no real zest. New Jersey and Connecticut and other states are already booming because people are leaving New York City at an alarming rate. So I don't know why these landlords are building more condos and jacking up rents if they are determined to keep running out businesses that make people WANT to be in those neighborhoods.


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