Friday, December 5, 2008

Stogo is a go

Well, now! Stogo, which took over the former A. Fontana Shoe Repair at 159 Second Ave. and 10th Street, is now apparently ready for action! A tipster writes:

It wasn't open when I went by, but all the paper was down and everything looked ready for business. The signs inside say it's an organic, gourmet, dairy-free ice cream place. It looks like every other boring fro-yo joint, with space-age white stools and blonde wood. Very swedish -- like Ikea.

Previous Stogo coverage on EV Grieve here.


  1. You must check this place out! For all those who are vegan or just can't stomach cows milk ice cream this place is a great treat! The flavors are AMAZING! You must try this place it is not just another frozen yogurt spot, this place is totally legit. TRY IT!

  2. It's cold in my apartment--and ordinarily I love frozen yogurt-- frozen items--but I am frozen and I don't think this is funny!!! If I ever warm up--I will try it--


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