Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Please don't let the pop-up piano in Tompkins Square Park see this

Because we don't want the piano in the Park now to think that this is what happens when pop-up season ends on July 2... tossed to the curb... thanks to EV Grieve reader Hilary for the photo on Sixth Street near Avenue A today...


  1. this is for anti-gentrification musicians

  2. Oh wayward piano, PLEASE don't give Lady Gaga any more ideas to steal!

    If she catches wind of you we will no doubt see her dressed as a piano tied to a tree in her next video.

    And the B-role footage of the piano on the fire escape? Let's not go there.

    She's SO creative!!!


    1. Having a team of people blatantly steal hairstyles, clothing, makeup looks, etc. from other artists to pass off as your own.

    2. Never giving credit for stolen ideas.

    3. Having an unhealthy obsession with the '80s.

    4. Having an army of chicken bodied boys wildly clucking down the street in mules, running mascara, and swinging their purses at anyone who even mentions the word "unoriginal” especially on Twitter.

  3. @Lux Living: Ha ha ha! You're eggsactly correct! And that's no yolk! Okay, I'll stop now.

  4. That piano's better off hanging out on 6th street . If he somehow made it into the park he'd probably have been arrested by now.

  5. Bagel guy why are you leasing from Westbrook Assosiates/Magnum aka Ben Shaoul?

  6. Sad. I hope someone with the skills and interest adopts and reconditions this abandoned piano.

    - East Villager

  7. Sadly, if that piano was out in the rain storm we just had, it's finished.


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