Friday, October 10, 2014

25 Great Jones St. returns to the land of undead developments

Expect some activity soon on that concrete and cinderblock tower on Great Jones and Lafayette. Once conceived as a hotel back in the heady years of 2007-2009, the building has sat dormant for years … while changing ownership and what not.

Back in April, The Commercial Observer got the first look at the new rendering for 22 Bond Street aka 25 Great Jones Street. The developers are transitioning the unfinished building into six condo units.

And yesterday, Goggla noticed that the official rendering is now up on the plywood outside the hulking slab of broken dreams the unfinished building...

As for the look of the building, the Observer noted that BKSK Architects designed the exterior and TKA Studio is designing the interiors. "The fa├žade will be made of glass and Corten steel, or weathering steel, the same material that was used for the exterior of Barclays Center."

Developers Second Development Services (SDS) and the Richport Group had some messy DOB paperwork to manage (stop work orders from previous owners). A look at DOB records shows that most of the necessary permits have now been approved.

For more background, you can check out Curbed's coverage here.

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  1. "the same material that was used for the exterior of Barclays Center" - oh great, so that means we get a big charmless pile of rusty shit that looks like it's been used for decades as a urinal. Thanks, BKSK - for nothing.

  2. 6 units for rich people = 12 units for middle class folks = 18 units for working class folks. It looks like the City got a poor return on its tax-break investment. Just who's running the City's program to increase affordable housing?

  3. I just noticed the number of floors in the rendering doesn't match up with what's already there. Neither does the facade. Hmm...

  4. Oops, just read the Curbed post that says some floors will be removed.

  5. I remember when that monstrosity went it it blocked several windows on the side of the pretty building next to it. Then after sealing everyone's windows it has sat empty all this time. Whole thing is just FUBAR.


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