Friday, October 24, 2014

Korilla BBQ is now officially open

After a test run in recent days, the food truckers at Korilla BBQ have opened their first restaurant at 23 Third Ave. near St. Mark's Place ... EVG reader Stephen Popkin stopped by for a look...

As we first noted, Korilla's interior includes an intricate illustration by lifelong East Village resident Terry Galmitz ...

You can check out the Korilla menu here ... we understand about 75 percent of the menu is available now as they continue to gear up...

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  1. Local restaurants, local artists... It doesn't get better than this!

  2. Looks like a Korean-style Chipotle.

  3. Watson likes their tofu wrap with kimchi. I like burning ants with a magnifying glass.

  4. Looks like this location finally has a business that'll last. I still miss the pizza place that was once there.

  5. See, and they don't need a full liquor license and to pair those with Mezcal and Tequilas and pretend to sell fresh tortillas and to be a full service RESTAURANT to be in business.

  6. Went the first day. Wish it were better. Disgustingly sweet sauces, seasoned vegetables were all really bland. Place was a mess. Early days, for sure. Hoping for better.


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