Monday, August 17, 2015

D-Lish Pita has closed on Avenue A

D-Lish Pita has joined former neighbors Benny's (and Benny's to-go) in going out of business on Avenue A at East Sixth Street.

A for rent sign hangs from the D-Lish sign… and three storefronts are now vacant here.

D-Lish opened in late 2010… taking over the space from Habib's Place. We never actually tried D-Lish. Difficult to break out of the Rakka Cafe or Mamoun's habit on St. Mark's Place.


  1. That place always looked looked closed to me. That whole stretch has a perpetually-closed look.

  2. It was a decent place with nice people, but it kept irregular hours and many times I went to go there, it was randomly closed. Not a great way to run a business.

  3. I predict a mega-Starbucks, the Alphabet will finally be breached, sadness......

  4. The space is approaching typical bank branch size.
    Great :-/

  5. Goddamn, didn't there used to be 4 different places that sold gyros within 5 blocks of the late Bereket? Does no one eat doner kebabs anymore?

  6. I tried it, the meat was fetid and pita stale, never went back.

  7. That place was gross.


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