Monday, August 31, 2015

East 14th Street Dunkin' Donuts shuffle complete

[Copyrighted photo by EV Arrow from July]

As we've been pretty much exclusively reporting, the Dunkin' Donuts at 218 E. 14th St. was moving a few storefronts to the west toward Third Avenue (see above photo).

That move is compete with the Grand Opening of the new (smaller) DD at 208 E. 14th St….

Meanwhile, back at No. 218, workers are dismantling the old DD space… Unfortunately, we were unable to save the Eli Manning "Smoke the Competition" ad for the smoked sausage breakfast sandwich…

This storefront had been for rent at $144 a square foot … the listing notes the space is now off the market.


  1. At least it's still in the East Village, though I won't be able to eat as many as I did.

  2. The color of the arrow mimics the orange in the Dunkin' Donuts logo. Nice!

  3. Hey, careful with that arrow, EVG! You almost knocked that lady's hat off. :-)

  4. I used to live on the 4th floor, rear apartment of that building. This particular DD was a "factory" location where they'd make the donuts for the smaller shops that didn't have large enough kitchens. That meant every afternoon (as long as our windows were open) we could smell the donuts cooking and could often even tell when they swapped from baking one kind to another as they smelled different. Then, around midnight or so the box trucks would show up and they would start rolling out rack after rack of plastic wrapped donut trays for delivery all over.

    Nice people that worked there too....

  5. Rob, the new one will no longer be a factory. Kind of sad, really - I don't go to DD often, but I only found out that this one was a factory a few months ago - would've gone more frequently if I had known that the donuts were fairly fresh, unlike most DD locations.


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