Thursday, August 27, 2015

Updating: Fire reported on the rooftop at Kiehl's on 3rd Avenue

The address is Third Avenue at East 13th Street. In the building that houses Kiehl's. The rooftop features the cottage-style penthouse.

[EVG file photo]

Here's a photo from 4 p.m. via William Klayer...

Updated 4:07



Via EVG reader Justin, who is at the scene: "Hard to know for sure, but it the FDNY seemed to have it under control quite well. Dozens of firefighters on the ground standing by, a couple on the ladder/bucket, and maybe only 10 on the roof. Seemed like routine work for them. It's mostly out now; no flames visible anymore."

And here's a photo via Justin from just after 4...




The FDNY told CBS 2 that there weren't any injuries. There's no word yet on the cause of the fire.

The penthouse cottage was in contract, according to Curbed. The asking price had been $4.4 million.

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  1. That place just went into contract, was listed at $4.4 million. Guess it didn't come equipped with a decent sprinker system.

  2. Not my dreams, Goggla! I saw the place at an open house years ago when it was on the market, and the layout was just plain screwy.

  3. If I remember correctly, the roof used to have a hot tub - wonder if the hot tub got too hot?

  4. Just saw this on 7. What a shame. I loved this apartment. Hope no one was hurt.

  5. I hope the party in contract can get out of this deal. The new owners did not have possession of the apartment so I assume they just dodged a bullet.

  6. I believe Matt Damon owned that spot around '04-'05. If not that one, somewhere close by and similar looking.


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