Saturday, August 29, 2015

FYI — NYU Welcome Week is underway

NYU's Welcome Week is now underway with NYU's Welcome Day, where the university, well, welcomes new undergraduate students and their family members.

Around here, students are moving into Palladium Hall on East 14th Street, Founders Hall on East 12th Street and Third North on Third Avenue at East 12th Street.

Anyway, this doesn't really impact any of you, so don't worry about it, OK?

Haha. Kidding!

A few things. If you hate the Earth and have a car are looking to park on, say, East 13th Street between Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue…

… or East 10th Street between Third Avenue and Second Avenue …

You can't. I mean, you can technically, but either you'll get your ass towed or be given a dirty look by someone wearing a violet Welcome Week T-shirt.

Also, the Citibike docking station on East 12th Street just west of Third Avenue is not in service this weekend…

Finally, not that you would be going anyway, but if today is the day you were finally going to suck it up and head to Bath, Bath and Beyond…

Just don't. (And probably ditto for Basics Plus … and Kmart. You should have bought your Halloween candy by now anyway.)

[Sidenote: Whose idea was it to close Fourth Avenue today for a street festival at the same time as thousands of students and their families are moving into the dormitories? This would not have happened under Amanda Burden's watch!]

So now, let us begin.


  1. I am DELIGHTED that there's a street fair for the "new arrivals" and their parents to deal with! Welcome to NYC, people - this is what it's like.

    NYU really ought to require that dorm check-in be on a Friday night, after 10pm, so the parents would get a real sense of how this neighborhood is: lots of students who are very loud & who are looking to get sloshed as quickly & cheaply as possible.

  2. As to the Bed Bath & Beyond shuttle bus, parents should know that what they're shelling out for NOW, will be tossed into the garbage next May. Some photos of how much crap gets ditched outside dorms at the end of the school year might be helpful.

  3. really do not know why we are so welcoming unless employed by the purple monster. I suggest mentioning random crime statistics and saying "uuck" when encountering any of them.

  4. Ahem. Ratcheting up whinny voice...

    Why do you hate students? They bring so much money into the neighborhood, especially to big businesses like Kmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walgreens, the other Walgreens, Duane Reade, and all the CVSs.

    They also help the local economy. Look at all the money locals make generating fake IDs. Look at the money liquor stores make selling to students with those IDs. Everyone wins with students.

    They also bring so much culture to the city. Those giant masses of bodies you see laying around the pedestrian plazas, stoops, and sidewalks... no not the homeless... the ones with the 2K Mac Books... there's culture in those computers. Those computers are portals to culture.

    Don't forget about food! If it weren't for students you'd still be eating in restaurants with walls and tables gobbling up traditional food. So boring! Now everything is exciting. And hot pink. And $20. And served in a paper bag. It's a revolution and you didn't start it!

    If you don't like students you should....

  5. Maybe NYU could hire Desnudas to spike admission

  6. @Anon. 11:00 - You seriously need to become a stand-up comedian. Pretty please!

  7. Let's start the countdown now: Just 270 days until NYU's next summer vacation. Isn't it amazing how much more relaxed it is in the summer? All summer long it was so nice and quiet compared to the rest of the year. Now it will be inpossible to get a table at every place that has free wifi. The line at Superiority Burger is about to become ginormous. These days the EV is like a college town where the population doubles when school is back in session. But it's too hard to fight it anymore, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Let the roof rages and late nite keg parties in StuyTown begin! Woo Hoo!

  8. Welcome Week? The Worst Week for the rest of the residents of the EV.

  9. I'm 29 now and I had one suitcase with me, when I took Fung Wah up to Boston to start college 11 years ago. I had the misfortune of walking past the 3rd Ave dorm this morning and could not believe my eyes, how much shit these kids and their parents bring! Microwaves, humidifiers, lamps, tons of pillows and bedding, multiple boxes of clothes, further boxes with cosmetics, elaborate wall decorations, large photo collages... Damn. It's like Long Island puked out the contents of all its teenage bedrooms on one corner.

    1. Every year its great to go scavenging when these kids leave. Ive gotten microwaves, tv's, couches, etc. Its amazing what can be acquired thanks to NYU students.

    2. Columbia is also good for scavenging. Seriously- when this semester ends its time to go out and get free items. Its the payback for putting up with them. LOL.

  10. Last night was like a parade of suburban white packs roaming as one - no city flavor - it's amazing the bubble they bring with them..blech

  11. This massive traffic jam has been brought to you by NYÜber.

  12. The entire area from 3rd Ave and 9th Street up to St Marks, over to Astor is a disaster because of of the NYU/ Street Fair Super Storm. It's RIDICULOUS how much shit students need to study: Microwaves, bookshelfs, futons, sofas, kiddie pool. Who needs a kiddie pool in a dorm room?!?!?!

  13. They have been streaming in and out of Doublewide on 12th all day, screaming and hooting and hollering. It had been quieter with them gone for the summer. Everyone on this part of 12th Street is in for hell again... and just wait until football season starts, and they start gathering at the ball to watch and cheer and scream at the top of their lungs...

  14. What grouches!! Everyone knew perfectly well NYU's and Cooper Union's presence in the neighborhood--long before many if not all of the negative posters arrived. (And in recent years the presence of the New School and the SVA). Get off the high horse of denouncing and stereotyping young people. Most of the nay sayers--were they perfect at 20-25? And, if you must find some solace, just think in 270 days you can go pick the garbage outside of the dorms when the students leave behind all the things you are envious of. Really!!! Some people need to get a life!!

  15. Not only does this generation need to bring their entire bedroom with them to school, I think they would prefer it if their parents stayed behind with them as well; like all the emotional support dogs you see on planes now.

  16. Great. So every kid's parents is going to spend 60k a year for four years just to have their offspring move back home to them. Way to go, NYU. Just charge more.

  17. Too bad NYU students don't see the rants in these comments, because if they did I'm SURE they'd be more considerate of the neighborhood.

    Seriously, people, NYU has been here a while. Obviously, its presence has felt more dominant in recent years, largely because of the university's own ambition, but taking it out on the individual students doesn't seem to be the right way to go.

    I don't know whether this has been attempted, but why not contact the student services department and try and organize some kind of meeting between concerned local residents and the presidents of fraternities/sororities and dorms?

    You might be surprised by how much dialogue can accomplish. Trust me, a lot of these students don't realize just how much havoc they wreak on area -- it's not that they are inconsiderate, they are just unaware -- and they might adjust their ways if they were informed. Similarly, you guys might be more forgiving if you heard their perspective.

  18. Anonymous said...

    really do not know why we are so welcoming unless employed by the purple monster.

    "Purple monster" = Barney?

  19. "Some people need to get a life!!"

    Get a grip. Get a.. etc., etc., etc. If you don't like NYU, move to.....etc.

    Sorry, your post is such BS. This article is from 11/13/2010. If nothing else, it’s gotten even worse in the past five years.

    “The School That Ate New York”

    NYU, like Columbia, is not an educational institution anymore but it has become a REBNY shit stain. That does not pay any real estate taxes. Non-profit my ass. And many NYU professors and students agree that John Sexton is f*****g evil.

    “Rally and March against the ruinous financial policies and practices at NYU, Cooper Union and the New School. More information available here:
    This Tuesday, Sept. 1, in Washington Square Park…

    How many f*****g times must I say this? An ecosystem must be diverse to be healthy.

  20. @7:26pm: Contact the student services department? Try it sometime and let me know how far you get. NYU has no use for those of us who actually live in this neighborhood - they don't care about our quality of life for one split second. And I know because I did try.

    NYU's attitude is: we're the 800-pound gorilla and you're nobody.

    I've lived here since before those dorms were built - back when nobody wanted to be around here because of prostitution, drug dealers, and overall crime. Do you realize that there are MORE students (close to 1,000, and all of them freshmen) in Third North Dormitory than there are full-time ordinary adult people living on the block where the dorm is located? Consider that - more students in ONE dorm building than there are regular residents on the entire rest of the block.

    Third North is a perfect example of how NYU just overwhelms & floods an otherwise stable neighborhood, destroying the quality of life. I look forward every year to the *relative* peace we get from late May through dorm move-in weekend in August.

  21. Yes. Give the students a break. Let them have their fun now because they'll be buried in student loan debt and living back home in about 2 years time.

    Welcome! Enjoy the fro-yo!

  22. @Edmund Dunn Diversity? NYU's problem isn't diversity, the problem is that a small minority of NYÜber Bros™ continue to act like overprivileged suburban brats, maybe as a reaction to the fact that they are becoming a smaller minority within a very diverse school. The largest majority at NYU is female, who make up 60% of the population.. A big perentage of the students lined up on 13th St yesterday were Asian, who make up almost 20% of NYU students.

    This means the loud Bros we all love to hate are a small minority of NYU and becoming smaller every year. The problem is they still play beer pong in the middle of 2nd Avenue at 3AM and have loud roof ragers all over the EV. The Bros continue to act like they are the majority, even as their numbers dwindle. They are a dying species who are in their final throes before their ultimate extinction. That being said, good luck getting to sleep for the next 9 months.

    Via NYU:

    On August 29th, NYU will welcome the over 5,900 members of its 184th freshman class to its NYC campus. Here are some key facts about the newest NYU students, the Class of 2019:

    • First-time college goers: 20% of the freshman class are the first members of their family to attend a four-year college
    • Record number of applicants: The 2015 freshman class was chosen from over 60,000 applicants. This is the first time NYU has cracked the 60,000 mark, 15% more than the year prior, and the eighth year in a row of record applications
    • Academic qualifications increase: Median SAT score is up 10 points from last year; median ACT score is up 1 point
    • More diversity: This year’s class includes:
    o Largest number of African-American freshmen in NYU history, double the percentage NYU had 10 years ago
    o Largest number of Latino/a freshmen in NYU history, double the percentage NYU had 10 years ago
    o Largest number of international freshmen from the largest number of countries, corresponding to the largest pool of international freshman applicants (more than 13,500 international applicants)
    • Pell-eligible students: 22% of the Class of 2019 students are Pell-eligible—one of the highest percentages among peer universities.

  23. @abfus We don't need to get a life. What we need to get is a neighborhood that's not plagued with students. You and your ilk are the reason we have so many gimmicky "restaurants" and chain stores in this neighborhood. Spaces that could better serve the permanent, stable, adult community who call the East Village home much better. But instead it's dumplings, cookies, fro yo, and all-you-can-eat french fry boutiques that you all insist on eating on our stoops, in the gutter, or in the middle of a thicket of bushes. The neighborhood suffers as a whole because businesses are more interested in catering to you rinfantile tastes, fussy trends, and parents money than they are serving the real community. Enjoy your debt jerk.

  24. The best furniture I own I found on the sidewalk outside their 12th Street dorm.

  25. That big white welcome sign is just begging for some "commentary"!

  26. They should call it Flounders Hall. Where are the jobs?

  27. TOWN VS GOWN exists EVERYWHERE in this country----move on, it's NEVER going to change......

  28. The nice thing about a blog is that it affords people the opportunity to vent and vent and vent! If the problems identified in this thread, and as a long-time resident, I know they are true, are getting so outrageous why don't people post the letters (sorry my age is showing)--emails sent to Rosie Mendez and the replies by her or her staff. Venting is fine, but it is only through political action that things change. NYU in the EV is a complicated problem. It brings in several thousand young people who have only a marginal interest in the life of the neighborhood. Yet, they do provide an economic infusion into the neighborhood.

  29. I have friends who live in the neighborhood and work at NYU and have tried to get the school to maybe provide students with tips on being good neighbors, some kind of reminder that they have neighbors, and the requests have fallen on deaf ears likely because this would find NYU having to admit that its students cause problems in the East Village when it comes to quality of life for everyone around them. It's not just the NYU students but also the new breed of former frat and sorority sister twentysomethings who have invaded the neighborhood and have made it their party zone. And the bars cater to them and encourage the behavior.

  30. Replies from Rosie?!?!? Oh ah ha ha ha haaaaaa! Another comic! Replies from Rosie - priceless!

    I think you'll be seeing a zombie apocalypse before you see anything from Rosie's office; she is notorious for ignoring communiques and pleas for help from her constituents. Anyway, she voted for NYU 2031 with this excuse, as posted in Downtown Express: "...Mendez said many people would be happy if she voted “no” and that it would be the “easy thing to do.” But, deferring to her “sister” Margaret Chin, she said she would vote “yes.”"

    Now I ask you, does that sound like someone who would give a shit about people protesting the yearly influx of NYU bozos? She's just another useless politician placeholding until another one of her ilk is anointed when her term - thankfully - ends.

  31. abfus
    what planet do you live on?
    the students are not only inconsiderate, they are totally aware and take pride in their arrogant feeling of superiority. if you say something about there being a line, or could they keep the volume down they look at you like your spaceship is blinking.

    nyu makes public statements about how they want to integrate their students into the community and at the same time their private bus line carries their students to the homeland (the west village) so that they won't have to rub shoulders with the riffraff that actually live here.

  32. on a lighter note , I just sold 45 bucks of discarded clothing from another brat fleeing to Brooklyn. I may put it in my I loathe NYU tattoo fund.

  33. 4;47, college kids are 20-25 now? yes I was a horror show at 17-21. I was also safely tucked away in New Jersey. Back in my day NYU was a school for artsy kids with rich parents. Now it's a monster of bland mediocrity (with rich parents). Don't worry, I won't be among those scavenging your terrible Ikea furniture and sad Forever 21 duds.

    Most people age 20-25 have jobs. What's your excuse?

  34. The NYU of today is not what it was in the late 1950s and early 1960s. At that time it was basically a commuter school.

  35. "You see this (tattoo)? It means NOT FUCKING WELCOME!"- American History x


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