Friday, August 26, 2016

Blink opens a sales office on Avenue A

[Photo via @edenbrower]

Blink Fitness is opening at 100 Avenue A this fall... ahead of that, the gym unveiled a temporary sales office yesterday nearby at 115 Avenue A ... The Blink website for this location shows a rate of $20 a month for an all-access membership ... and $15 a month for access to just the Avenue A gym.

The No. 115 space previously served as a sales office for Ben Shaoul's condoplex at 100 Avenue A.


  1. Blink is such a bargain. How do they do it? I think people just don't like to work out and that is how they make money. But even if you only work out a few times a month, it is a bargain.

  2. I agree. $15 a month? How do they do it?

    I need as much help as possible. Need to shed twenty pounds off my dad bod. Maybe Blink can help? Boy Turning 40 sucks. Its harder to drop the weight.

  3. FYI, Blink charges you an extra 40 dollars on your 3rd month with them.

    But hey, I guess that's fine considering that the monthly fee is just $15. I joined yesterday and the joining fee was only $1.05 - normally it's like $45.

  4. How low-cost gyms like Blink, Planet Fitness, etc., make money: These gyms are not designed with the heavy user in mind; they sign up far more people than they can accommodate knowing that most people who sign up for the gym won't actually go (or only go when they first sign up, or only go once a month, etc.).

    There's been a lot written about the psychological strategies employed by these places: e.g., designing them to make unfit people -- at least those unfit people who are not actually serious about becoming fit -- feel comfortable and not challenged, emphasizing that they are not welcoming to bodybuilders and other gym rats, making weight rooms ill-equipped and unappealing but offering free candy and massage chairs, etc.

    The alarming free pizza at Planet Fitness aside, I think that signing up for a gym membership that one rarely uses was a common human behavior long before these tactics were widely used. That said, most serious/dedicated gym goers probably will choose bigger and better-equipped gyms (or those odious boutique places -- do not get me started) to work out in. And, let's face it: People are much more likely to use something they're shelling out $75-100 a month for. It's just too easy to procrastinate and say "Eh, I'll only lose $10 if I don't go this month. I promise I'll start going again next month." (and then you don't go)

    tl;dr: Basically if all the casual gym goers who sign up at a low-cost gym actually went to the gym, these budget gyms would have to charge a lot more.

    moral of story: just go to the damn gym! working out is awesome!

  5. If you want to lose twenty pounds then do this:

    1. Don't weigh yourself (don't buy a scale and if you have one put it in the closet and don't take it out) or care about your weight as weight is relative. Some guys are 180 lbs. with little muscle while other guys are 180 lbs. and built like MMA fighters. If there's a ten-inch difference between your chest and waist sizes you're already ahead.

    2. Drink nothing but water and 16oz. of Califia Farms almond milk a day from a glass (100% calcium and 50% vitamin D among most of your daily requirements for other vitamins and minerals.)

    3. Eat meat, fruit, vegetables, and nuts - no pasta, rice, bread, or other grains.

    4. Walk and bike a half hour each every day. Swim at least twice a week if you're not too far from a pool.

    Do this and you will see results in no time flat.

  6. I need to get rid of my dad bod too. And I am not even a dad or 40 like the other guy who posted. I am a dude in my early thirties. Maybe Blink will get my soft body back into shape? I heard its a good gym.

  7. Blink and they will be gone soon (one can only hope)

  8. Dad bods are hot. They are real men with real bodies. More to hold onto :)

  9. I echo @1:24pm's thoughts. I love dad bods.....

  10. @Annonymous 12:48. Eat meat? Are you crazy? Nothing will drop weight more and faster than eating vegetarian.

    BTW: Blink is a stupid name for a gym.

  11. In related news, I'm sick and tired of corporate, corny ass New York Sports Club illegally plastering their sale signs on everything in the area. Take that shit down if you see it. They should be fined.

  12. @2:41, it's not that simple. Lean proteins are some of the best things you can eat, particularly if you're exercising. If you were to question 12:48, I'd do it based on fruits, but even still ask 10 different trainers and you'll get 20 different opinions.

  13. Anon. 2:41, I can add to the history of stupid gym names - in the mid-1980s a gym called Pineapple opened up on Broadway and Houston; after a couple of years it changed, for whatever reason, to Strawberry, before, not surprisingly, vanishing entirely.

  14. Hah ! Take That … to NYSC with their superior bad attitude.


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