Wednesday, November 18, 2020

A full reveal at 639 E. 9th St.

Earlier this month, workers removed the sidewalk bridge and remaining construction netting from outside the all-new 639 E. Ninth St., an 8-story residential building here between Avenue B and Avenue C. 

This space was, for years, a parking lot. Development talk here dated to 2010 (the photo below is from 2012)...
The excavation work started in March 2018. And neighbors are happy that the sidewalk bridge has been carted off... No word yet on rental information from the developer, who also owns the building next door at No. 641.


  1. Couldn’t be uglier

  2. New place still has the feel of a parking lot. Such thoughtless architecture. Could be a city-run senior citizens' home.

  3. let's settle down, there are many much uglier new developments. not to mention more housing means less competition for existing housing.

  4. All new buildings chronicled on this blog will always illicit more than a few negative responses. Just a fact of life.

  5. The new NYC sponsored income limits housing being built around the hood look nicer than this.

  6. My first reaction was “Ok- not horrible, could have been worse”. Either that’s progress on my part or Stockholm Syndrome.


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