Monday, November 23, 2020

That fake McDonald's sign is no longer on the Zum Schneider space

A quick follow-up to the post from Friday ... in which a coming soon (January 2021!) sign for McDonald's appeared on the door of the former Zum Schneider space on Avenue C at Seventh Street. The sign is now gone — apparently someone was not — yuk! yuk!lovin' this hoax...
By all accounts, the sign, which looked Photoshopped in the daylight and suspiciously appeared outside the door, was a fake.

Anyway, so we'll see what might be next for real here. Zum Schneider, the popular biergarten and restaurant, closed here after 20 years in late February. The co-op board reportedly would not renew the lease.


  1. I'm guessing, given the current pandemic, economic crisis, looming lack of indoor dining again and a plethora of empty storefronts in the EV and citywide, that what might be next for this corner is quite a ways away. I live in an HDFC, the same kind of building as this one, and am wondering if that co-op is now regretting their decision to oust the restaurant, given that they now have a large hole in their finances where Zum Schneider rent used to go, a hole that doesn't look like it will be filled any time soon.

  2. Good riddance to the Co-op. Hope they are rich and don't need the money.

  3. HDFC coops are never rich.

  4. The property owner made a huge mistake! Zum Schneider was one of the few restaurants that was equipped for outdoor dining during a NYC winter. Their punishments it will now take them many years to find a new tenant.


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