Monday, November 23, 2020

The Blind Pig's conversion into Coyote Ugly continues

Renovations (painting, etc.) continues inside the retail space at 233 E. 14th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue ... where the address will one day be the new NYC home of Coyote Ugly.

While there isn't any Coyote Ugly signage up just yet, CEO and founder Lil Lovell tweeted a video clip from inside the former Blind Pig last month, noting it was time "to get working."

As we first reported on Sept. 15, Coyote Ugly permanently closed its home of 27 years at 153 First Ave. between Ninth Street and 10th Street. 

In announcing the closure, Lovell had this to say in a video clip"After sitting closed for six months due to COVID restrictions, we simply can't afford to pay the rent." This was the very first of the Coyote Ugly saloons — featuring bartop dancing and body shots. There are now more than two-dozen global outposts.

The Blind Pig, the sports bar/pub (home to Arsenal supporters in the English Premier League), closed after service in June 2019. At the time, the owners of the 13-year-old Blind Pig said they were hit with an untenable 50-percent rent increase.


  1. Blind pigs, ugly coyotes - can't we get some pro-animal people in here to name bars, f'Godssake?!?

  2. Aas a women, the ugly coyote is one of the few business I would not mourn if gone.

  3. We are very excited about opening on 14th St. The bar will be beautiful. WE expect the Brazilian tigerwood to arrive this week for the bartop. I will share pictures as the bar starts to take shape. Lil

  4. as a 25+ year EV resident, myself nor anyone that I know has ever been to Coyote Ugly, who goes there? tourists?

  5. Helen M, as a woman, you should be more supportive of women-driven enterprises. For some reason, there's a strange amount of hate on this blog for this bar.

  6. Don’t be a downer everybody, every store open these days is a blessing. A new one opening is a miracle

    Don’t forget, we’re not entitled to new restaurants. We should appreciate every single one, else this place will become a wasteland once again

  7. @7:13pm: As far as I'm concerned, I truly *wish* this neighborhood would become a "wasteland" bar-wise, booze-wise, and bro-wise. ANY other kind of business would be more welcome.

    We ALL know that bars (esp. those with names like these) are about noise, loud fratty morons, and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for the owner (who does not have to live with all the noise and idiotic behavior that bars produce).

    If 80% of the bars in the East Village went belly-up, this would be a far better neighborhood. These bars are not sought out by the kind of people who want a drink before going to a show or a movie. Nah, these ones are all about spending the evening getting soused and behaving stupidly.

  8. How many parking spaces and how much sidewalk space will they steal from the residents? This is total fascism, when the State gives private companies special privileges - not like we ever voted on this massive land giveaway to the landlords. You know the landlords are pitching the parking spaces and sidewalks in their leases now. The contracts have been rewritten.

    1. Parking spaces are a giveaway to drivers. Vehicles are oppressive to pedestrians.


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