Monday, May 20, 2019

The Blind Pig wraps up 13 years on 14th Street

The Blind Pig, the sports bar/pub (home to Arsenal supporters in the English Premier League), closed after service Saturday night at 233 E. 14th St.

As previously reported, the owners of the 13-year-old Blind Pig were hit with an untenable rent increase.

There's a Loopnet listing for the space between Second Avenue and Third Avenue. The asking rent is $300,000 annually — $25k per month.

The closing festivities Saturday night included a set by the house band "previously called A Buncha Guys, now called: F*ck the L*ndl*rd," per the Facebook invite.

Public records list the landlord as the Berliza Corp.

[Image via Facebook]

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Anonymous said...

Another victim of death by landlord. How long will this store front remain empty now? There seems to be some construction activity over at the short lived Lumos space on 12th and 2nd ave.

Anonymous said...

Many memorable mornings in there watching the Gunners.

Anonymous said...

@11:27am: You mean how long before another bar opens at that location? Probably not too long; they'll just charge more for their booze & food.

Pinch said...

There were workers starting to clear out the space this morning.