Monday, September 27, 2021

The Wild Son plans for daytime expansion with a lunch counter next door on 1st Avenue

The Wild Son is taking over its neighboring space at 130 First Ave. here by St. Mark's Place. 
Robert Ceraso, the cafe's co-owner and creative director, provided details. 

"We're going to be doing a Wild Son lunch counter in that space — extending the daytime service that we currently only offer on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to all weekdays," he said in an email. "It's going to be breakfast and lunch service only." 

When the new space opens (projected for mid-October now), patrons can expect to find favorites from the current Wild Son menu as well as some throwbacks to when he ran the sandwich shop Animals adjacent to The Wayland on Avenue C. 

"Animals was actually the precursor to The Wild Son concept that we eventually opened on the west side and then moved here," said Ceraso, whose other East Village establishments include The Wayland and Good Night Sonny. "So it feels good. It feels like it's coming full circle." 

Hours for The Wild Son annex are expected to be 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Despite opening during the pandemic (May 2020), The Wild Son, which relocated to the East Village from Little West 12th Street, has become a popular destination.

No. 130 was previously the pop-up restaurant called Nudibranch and Nightmarket.

Thanks to Steven for the photo and EVG reader Alyssa for the initial tip.

Good news-bad news for fans of Pouring Ribbons on Avenue B

Pouring Ribbons returned to in-person cocktail service back on Wednesday from the second floor at 225 Avenue B.

In the past 18 months, the bar had only offered to-go cocktail options from time to time. For now, Pouring Ribbons is open starting at 6 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays here between 13th Street and 14th Street. Walk-ins only; there aren't any reservations at this time. (This Instagram post has details on the vaccination entry process.)

Meanwhile, Joaquín Simó, partner and bartender at Pouring Ribbons, announced in an Instagram post that their lease is up in April, so this is this marks the last six months at this location.
We've missed our regulars, our industry friends, and our neighbors more than anything. Not being a COVID casualty like so many beloved bars and restaurants is something we are extremely grateful for. We're not taking this opportunity to say a proper goodbye for granted, so please join us sometime soon!

The bar from Alchemy Consulting opened here in September 2012. 

Thank you to Vinny & O for the tip about the reopening and upcoming lease expiration. Pic from the archives.

Looking at the new mosaics inside the 1st Avenue L stop

Back on Thursday, the MTA unveiled a mosaic series by local artist Katherine Bradford throughout the First Avenue (and Avenue A!) L stop. 

Per the MTA: "Reflecting the community of people who use the 1 Av-14 St station, vibrant compositions totaling about 400 sq ft of glass mosaic ... are installed throughout the station."
Here's more via @mtaartsdesign:
The intriguing, ethereal figures seen in the mosaic panels represent the riders of the L train, which transports creative folk pursuing their dreams and the real-life heroes who provide essential services. 
In New York, these riders are dressed most often in black, which the artist believes is "merely a cloak over an inner life that is wildly colorful and unconventional." This group of figures expresses the energy of camaraderie when people are gathered together and inspires viewers to consider the outward expression of one’s own interior vivacity.
Artist Marcel Dzama created a series for the Bedford stop. This post at 6sqft has more photos of the mosaics at the First Avenue and Bedford stations.

Art pics via @mtaartsdesign

MSCHF on the Bowery

We fielded a few queries about the faux 7-Eleven storefront that arrived Friday at 306 Bowery between Bleecker and Houston (thanks, Robert Miner, for these pics!)...
Today and tomorrow, the storefront is serving as a pop-up space for MSCHF (primer article here), the Brooklyn-based art collective, and sales of their Boosted Packs V2 (aka drop 56). 

What might be inside these collectible packs?


Anyway, the pop-up status of the space apparently signals the end of the New Stand's upscale and tech-driven take on the convenience store.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunday's parting shot


Snowplow practice today on Avenue A and Ninth Street... thanks (maybe!) to Derek Berg for the photo...

RIP Faith Laugier

Faith Laugier, a prominent presence in the East Village and NYC activist community, died unexpectedly this past week. She was 42. A cause of death was not revealed. 

Here's more on Laugier from the Daily News, which first reported on her passing.
“She was a sensational woman who had an enormous amount of potential and it’s a huge loss for the activist movement and a huge loss for the city,” said Aton Edwards, a friend. 
Laugier became a prominent activist when Occupy Wall Street formed in September 2011 and protesters set up an encampment in Zuccotti Park in the Financial District. 
Laugier slept in the park the first night of Occupy Wall Street protests, said John Penley, a friend. "There weren't that many people who stayed there the first night," Penley recalled. 
The number of protesters in the park grew, and Laugier emerged as one of the movement's leading organizers.
Laugier's friends and family created a website to commemorate her accomplishments. News about a memorial will also be posted on this site. Her family also initiated a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for funeral expenses. 

Photo courtesy of John Penley

Week in Grieview

Posts this last week included (with a pic from Drag Bingo the other night at 3rd & B’zaar by Stacie Joy) ...

• Help East Village Loves NYC feed 10,000 people in 3 days (Friday

• The 10th annual LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival is underway (Wednesday

• A visit to Ergot Records (Wednesday)

• Jiang Diner owners taking over the former Jule's Bistro space on St. Mark's Place (Thursday

• A makeover for the East Village Neighbors Community Fridge and Pantry (Tuesday

• A clue about future development courtesy of the former Subway at 250 E. Houston St. (Tuesday

• At the sidewalk runway show on Ludlow Street for cumgirl8's latest collection (Wednesday

• Memories of Homecoming 2021 (Friday

• One last seasonal fling for Halloween Adventure and Gothic Renaissance? (Monday

• A new NY See panel (Thursday

• Sri Lankan specialists Sigiri back open on 1st Avenue (Tuesday

• Pillow-Cat Books is open now on 9th Street (Tuesday

• SLCT Stock brings vintage t-shirts and sneakers to 12th Street (Tuesday

• After a few days away, barricades return to the Tompkins Square Park chess tables (Wednesday

• Neighbors curious about what might be next for the NE corner of Avenue A and 13th Street (Monday

• Salma brings Lebanese cuisine to 12th Street (Monday

• Sweetie debuts on Avenue A (Thursday

• Wingstop joining Gorillas and European Wax Center in this retail space on 14th Street (Monday

• Taqueria St. Mark's back in taco action (Thursday

 ... and we're continuing to monitor the Seinfeld wheatpaste transformation on Second Street at First Avenue...
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Checking in on what's left at Lancelotti Housewares

As we first reported on Sept. 17, Lancelotti Housewares is closing its doors this fall after a 25-year presence on Avenue A.

Co-owners Michael Isaacs (below) and Jeff Chatterton are moving to Dallas to be closer to family, and plans are in the works to open a similar concept/new home-goods store there. 

And since the news of the pending closure hit, the well-curated shop between Fourth Street and Fifth Street was quickly picked over. EVG correspondent Stacie Joy stopped by yesterday to see what was left... as you can see in the last photo, the second room in the store is empty... everything is currently 30-percent off... 
Lancelotti was originally expected to close in mid-to-late October. Not sure about that now! You can find updates on the shop's Instagram account

Lancelotti is open Tuesday-Sunday from noon to 6 p.m.

Check out these NYC taxi views from 1977-1987 along East Houston Street

In case you haven't been over on East Houston at Second Avenue in the past week ... there's a new exhibit up along First Street Green featuring the work of photographer Joseph Rodriguez.

He drove a cab in NYC from 1977 to 1985 ... and later published a book of his work: "Taxi: Journey Through my Windows 1977–1987." 

Some of those photos, including scenes from the East Village, are featured along this corridor ...
The work, part of the Photoville Festival, will be up here until Dec. 1.

The 10th annual LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival is underway

In case you missed our post from Wednesday... the 10th annual LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival is underway.

This year's festival includes activities at dozens of gardens, each featuring various performances, concerts, workshops and other related events.

Check the LUNGS website here for the day-by-day, garden-by-garden schedule. There's a lot of free live music on the calendar for today (Sunday!).

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Saturday's parting shot

Felice Rosser today in Tompkins Square Park with her band, Faith NYC. 

She'll be performing next on Friday night in the Green Oasis Garden, 368 E. Eighth St. between Avenue C and Avenue D as part of the LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival.

Photo by Derek Berg.

Mobile unit offering COVID-19 vaccines today on Avenue A

One of the city's mobile units is offering free COVID-19 vaccines today on Avenue A outside Blink between Sixth Street and Seventh Street ... no appointments are needed for the Pfizer vaccine (ages 12+)...
According to the city's COVID-19 Vaccine Finder, the $100 incentive is available at this pop-up site. The mobile unit will be here today until 5:30 p.m. 


The van is back today (Sept. 26)... same block but on the west side of Avenue A...