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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Week In Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo on 2nd Street near the Bowery)...

• RIP Debby Lee Cohen (Wednesday) and Patti Astor (Friday

• Today's solar eclipse with the Second Avenue Star Watchers (Monday) ... Watching the eclipse from 6th and B (Monday) ... Eclipse in progress on St. Mark's Place (Monday

• East Village tenants speak out against rollbacks to potential rent-stabilization laws (Tuesday

• East Village native Anna Colombia on pursuing photography and growing up in the neighborhood (Thursday

• The Lazy Llama Coffee Bar is opening 2 new outposts, including on 1st Avenue (Tuesday

• First sign of Wonder on Stuyvesant Street (Monday
• The renovation and expansion of 188 1st Ave. (Thursday)

• Dead again: Peter Jarema Funeral Home ad replaced by the Marvel Universe on 7th and B (Wednesday

• Protection for a tree garden on St. Mark's Place (Tuesday

• Demolition watch: The NW corner of 1st Avenue and 2nd Street (Monday

• Openings: Crispy Burger on 1st Avenue (Friday

• Pasta for the former Koko Wings on 1st Avenue (Wednesday

• On 2nd Avenue, Sunday Dreamin' on such a spring day (Tuesday)

... and here's a look at that freshly paved roadway on Avenue A (so far, the work has just been between Houston and Fourth) ...
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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo of the roomy new porta-potties in Tompkins by Derek Berg)...


• Lower East Side legend Sammy's Roumanian Steak House announces its reopening dates (Tuesday
• Essex Card Shop robbed on Avenue A (Saturday

• Turn it up: East Village Radio returns this spring (Monday

• The porta-potties of Tompkins Square Park now have hours of operation (Saturday)

• Why the International Bar has been closed (Tuesday

• On the April CB3-SLA docket: a Rice Thief outpost for the East Village (Monday) ... The Onion Tree Pizza Co. (Wednesday

• Vacated 9th Street parking garage fetches $14 million for likely residential conversion (Tuesday

• The $24 million renovation of the Nuyorican Poets Café is officially underway (Thursday

• At Tabby Twitch's 'Prime' (Wednesday

• Weekday lunch service begins at Superiority Burger on Avenue A (Monday

• After 8 years in the East Village, Fortnight Institute has closed its doors (Thursday

• Mr. Throwback gets a spin-off on 9th Street (Wednesday

• The 'Kim's Video' documentary unreels at the Quad; Alamo Drafthouse next (Friday)

• On Avenue B, damaged façade shutters Gruppo (Thursday

• A new pizzeria for the former pizzeria at 36 St. Mark's Place (Monday

• A new awning for East Village classic Veniero's (Thursday)

• Openings: Yokox Omakase on Avenue B (Wednesday

• Let's look inside the Five Guys slated for 2nd Avenue and 12th Street (Thursday)
• Signage alert: Lilly's Shakes & Crepes on 1st Avenue (Monday

...and checking in with the St. Mark's Place Welcome Committee...
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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo from 3rd between B and C)... 

• NYPD: Suspect arrested in connection with the 2 recent shootings in Tompkins Square Park (Tuesday)

• Greenpoint hit Taqueria Ramírez is opening an East Village outpost (Thursday

• 1st sign this spring of the wisteria on Stuyvesant Street (and that townhouse is for sale!) (Tuesday) ... Walking on Stuyvesant Street in the rain (Sunday)

• Marking the 113th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire (Monday

• This non-fiction reading series in the East Village turns 10 on Monday (Wednesday

• A look inside Trader Joe's Pronto, now open on 14th Street in Union Square (Wednesday

• A journey into the COZMOS on 10th Street (Friday

• Good Friday on Avenue B (Saturday

• Remembering Tim Lomas (Saturday

• Checking in on the former mucky tree well on Avenue A (Tuesday

• 'Orson’s Shadow' at Theater for the New City (Wednesday

• Tribes of Morocco relocates to a larger storefront on 9th Street (Tuesday

• Coming soon to the East Village: No More Cafe, 'a haven for alcohol-free celebration' (Monday)

• Openings: The Commodore on Avenue C (Friday) ... Yummy Hive on 2nd Avenue (Monday

• Kolkata Chai Co. closed for renovations until April 1 on 3rd Street (Monday

• Spa treatment (Thursday)

• About a sustainable Salon No. 17 (Wednesday

• Signage alert: Utshob Restaurant on 1st Avenue (Thursday

• Art Gotham is the new tenant for the landmarked 4 St. Mark's Place (Monday

... annnnnnnnnnnnnd! (Background!)
... and a reader shares the tiniest tree that we may have ever seen discarded... on 14th Street this past week ...
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Sunday, March 24, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with an early spring shot from Stuyvesant at Ninth)...

• 2 East Village residents 'shaken and scared' after assault inside their building (Monday

• Same gunman suspected in shooting in Tompkins Square Park, police say (Thursday

• A 7-floor development in the works for the NW corner of 1st Avenue and 2nd Street (Monday

• This spring, new life for the mucky tree well that smells like dead things on Avenue A (Tuesday

• Bella McFadden bringing her iGirl brand to the East Village (Thursday

• These zine editors want your rat stories ('Don't call us gross') (Wednesday)

• The Lazy Llama has closed in First Park; no new vendor in the pipeline (Tuesday

• Openings: Bungalow on 1st Avenue (Sunday) ... Sauced on 2nd Avenue (Thursday) ... Terminal B on Avenue B (Thursday) ... Okiboru House of Udon on 2nd Avenue (Tuesday) ... The Lions on 1st Avenue and St. Mark's Place (Monday

• Aliens of Brooklyn leaves the East Village to harvest the Chelsea Market (Monday

• Flushing-based cafe and bakery Sweet Cake is opening an East Village outpost (Monday)

• Another pink-out at 57 Great Jones St. (Wednesday)

• Peak-a-boooo: Partial reveal at 1 St. Mark's Place (Thursday

• East Village Tattoo debuts on 4th Street (Wednesday

• Behold 57 Great Jones St. in small scale (Friday

• Signage alert: Crispy Burger on 1st Avenue (Monday)

• The faceless Charlie Brown mural is now headless (Monday)

  ... and Eddie Izzard's "Hamlet" made its EV debut this past Tuesday at the Orpheum on Second Avenue between Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place... here through April 14 (thanks to Steven for the photo)...
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Sunday, March 17, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with some hoops at Sara D. Roosevelt Park via Stacie Joy) ...

• Two bystanders shot after a nearby argument escalated to gunfire in Tompkins Square Park (Saturday)

• 1 year after building fire, A&C Kitchen grandly reopens on Avenue C (Wednesday

• Housing lottery underway for units in this new building on 10th Street (Monday)

• The NYPL's archive of the legendary East Village Eye now available to the public (Tuesday

• 'Americans in Paris' at the new Grey Art Museum on Cooper Square (Friday

• Architectural sculpture digest: A look at some unique 'Houses and Hotels' at O’Flaherty's (Thursday)

• A familiar face returns to Key Food (Wednesday

• Coming attractions: The 'Kim's Video' documentary debuts at the Quad on April 5 (Thursday

• Full reveal at 14 Avenue C, where the team behind The Commodore is opening a new outpost (Monday)

• An update from G's Cheesesteaks, opening May 1 on Avenue B and Houston (Thursday

• This day on the Bowery in 2007 (Thursday

• Your faceless Charlie Brown mural update from 12th Street (Tuesday

• Boris & Horton reopens on Avenue A (Tuesday)

• Openings: Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao on St. Mark's Place (Tuesday) ... Not as Bitter brings the fresh fruit lattes to 10th Street (Tuesday

• PLNT Burger closes its Union Square outpost (Monday) 

• Meet Belvedere, the Russian tortoise (Thursday

• Perk Espresso & Coffee Bar closes on 14th Street (Monday)

• Goodbye Dolly (Monday

• Awash in debt, Body Shop shuts down operations (Tuesday

... and a post we didn't get around to posting this past week... Starlight Convenience coming to 110 Third Ave. between 13th Street and 14th Street... (bring back the Variety Theater!)
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Sunday, March 10, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo of Nation of Language on Monday during their sold-out 3-night stand at the Bowery Ballroom)... 

• Planned student protest gets the DOB to take action on closed-off school playground (Monday

• Veselka looks to ease back into a 24/7 schedule starting with weekends first (Monday

• City unveils 3 refurbished East Village buildings with affording housing opportunities (Tuesday) ... Honoring Puerto Rican freedom fighter Pedro Albizu Campos with a mural on 12th and C (Friday

• Restaurants can now apply to participate in NYC's new outdoor dining program (Wednesday

• A new signage era for Best Housekeeping on Avenue A (Thursday

• The Veselka documentary gets a third week at Village East by Angelika (Friday

• This is why Most Holy Redeemer is green around the bells on 3rd Street (Saturday)

• To be: Eddie Izzard's 'Hamlet' coming to the Orpheum Theatre in the East Village (Monday

• Look at the former Dallas BBQ now (Friday

• The Joyce Theater has rehearsal space to rent to nonprofits and freelance dance artists (Tuesday

• Checking out just part of the ongoing New Colossus Festival (Saturday

• Asian Taste closing in on a reopening (Friday

• A now-and-then look at the former Provident Loan Society on Houston and Essex (Circa Thursday)

• Vacant parking garage gets the plywood treatment on 9th Street (Thursday

• Apollo Bagels now with signage on 10th Street (Tuesday

• Today in discarded finds of the century on 2nd Street (Friday

• Former Mad for Chicken spot for rent on 14th Street (Monday

• Closures: Wild Rabbit Coffee on 7th Street (Wednesday)

• Signage alert: Bungalow from restaurateur Jimmy Rizvi on 1st Avenue (Thursday

• EVG readers had early access to tickets to see The Damned this May in NYC (Wednesday

... and neither here nor there, but this Scotch Tape display has been in a different aisle every time we visit Key Food on Avenue A (which is more than we'll admit)...
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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo above Avenue A from Sixth Street)... 

• Reports: In a hit-and-run, man struck and killed on 10th and D by an MTA bus (Saturday

• A visit to Veselka, as the East Village institution celebrates 70 years and another week for its documentary at the Village East (Friday

• That's all for now for Gizmo (Friday) ... Longtime East Village sewing business Gizmo needs a new home (Monday)

• Playground reminders in Tompkins Square Park; city to update Community Board 3 on asylum seekers (Tuesday) ... You can watch the Community Board 3 meeting right here (Wednesday)

• Revel vehicle wipes out Frank's curbside dining structure after hours on 2nd Avenue (Monday

• This 'Job' has been extended for 3 weeks at the East Village's Connelly Theater (Thursday

• Signage alert: Ben's Deli gains a Grill on Avenue B (Tuesday

• The city's first public e-bike charging site for delivery workers was unveiled on Cooper Square (Friday

• A visit to the Unprofessional Variety Show (Thursday

• On 5th Street, Etérea announces a March 30 closing date (Monday)

• Construction watch: 280 E. Houston St. (Wednesday

• A campaign to commemorate Flaco, the Eurasian Eagle-Owl that captivated NYC the past year (Saturday

• Boris & Horton fans work like a dog to save cafe (Wednesday

• About the Every Woman Biennial 2024 at La MaMa Galleria (Saturday)

• Deli marks the end of the revolving door of bars on the corner of 4th Street and 2nd Avenue (Wednesday

• Koko Wings has apparently closed on 1st Avenue (Wednesday

• The Chippery has not been open lately (Tuesday)

• Signage alert: Sugar Mouse on 3rd Avenue (Monday

• An e-bike shop for 1st Street (Monday

• Openings: YGF Malatang on 3rd Avenue; Conor's Goat on Avenue A (Monday) ... Apollo Bagels too (Friday

... and starting off March with some early spring cleaning ... on Houston and Suffolk (thanks Newman!)
... and on Seventh Street near Tompkins (thanks N&Lon7th!) ...
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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo on Avenue A by Stacie Joy)... 

• Façade repairs next door have prevented kids at this East Village school from using the playgound (Tuesday

• Addressing the asylum seeker crisis; city to update Community Board 3 next week (Thursday

• A visit to the new home of Archie's Press on 10th Street (Wednesday

• Boris & Horton hopes to raise money through subscription boxes and crowdfunding to stay open (Friday) ... 'Something big is happening' at Boris & Horton, the dog cafe set to close next week (Thursday)

• Flashbacks: A wedding at McSorley's Old Ale House! (Monday

• RIP Flaco (Saturday)

• The East Village outpost of Chinatown favorite Dim Sum Go Go has closed (Tuesday

• Sidney's Five is calling it a day (Tuesday

• Catch some emerging bands at the New Colossus Festival this March 6-10 (Monday

• Village East by Angelika is serving up the Veselka documentary (Friday

• For sale: the all-new 180 2nd Ave., where a restaurant is in the works (Wednesday

• Renovation watch: 175 E. Houston St., soon to be home to a retro space via team MáLà Project (Wednesday

• HBD Physical Graffiti (Saturday

• A moment with mighty Christo, 1 of the resident red-tailed hawks of Tompkins Square Park (Wednesday

• Openings: Tacos El Porky on Avenue A (Friday)

... and a moment Stella, Ray and Maria at Ray's Candy Store yesterday (photo by Stacie Joy)...
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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a sunrise photo from 4th and A)...

• Remembering longtime East Village resident Merle Ratner, killed by a tow truck on 10th Street and Avenue C on Monday evening (Tuesday

• DA: Man who attacked Ray outside Ray's Candy Store sentenced to 10 years in prison (Wednesday)

• Exclusive: Lucy discusses the future of her iconic East Village bar (Thursday) ... New landlord serves Lucy's with a termination notice on Avenue A (Monday

• City unveils the final rules for the permanent outdoor dining program (Monday

• "Goodbye to the Brick and Mortar" at the Tompkins Square Library (Wednesday

• These East Village tenants held a dance party to call out their landlord's sewage treatment (Sunday

• The long-empty 6 Avenue B set to begin a new residential era as The B (Tuesday

• Report: East Village home with the Cape Cod-style cottage on its rooftop is in contract, dammit (Tuesday

• Jolene set to close on Great Jones (Tuesday

• Lions for Lula at 132 St. 1st Ave. (Friday)

• A smash & grab at the Grab & Go on Avenue B (Saturday

• Tree rescued from concrete on Houston (Friday)

• Yuca Bar returns to service after renovations (Wednesday

• Today in notes for traffic enforcement (Friday

• A pop-up no more, Apollo Bagels opening first outpost in the East Village on 10th Street (Tuesday

• Untitled building now with more Untitled (Monday

 ...  and from late Friday night, the crowd arriving for DJTM.8's Dark '80s night event at Gama Lounge on Avenue B (photo by Stacie Joy) ...
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Sunday, February 4, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo yesterday from Tompkins Square Park by Stacie Joy)...

• East Village Loves NYC seeks a new commercial kitchen to help feed NYC’s food insecure (Tuesday

• Amid an influx of asylum seekers in the East Village, elected officials urge the city to open more reticketing centers (Monday

• Report explores the impact of Mount Sinai Beth Israel's potential closure on the local community (Wednesday

• On the Job: Talking with playwright Max Wolf Friedlich at the Connelly Theater (Thursday

• Ongoing building issues force Caffe Corretto to close after only 2 months in service on 12th Street (Tuesday)

• Happy 25th anniversary to Lavagna! (Thursday

• Everytable has closed its Avenue B outpost (and every other NYC location) (Wednesday

• Music venue wanted for former Rockwood Music Hall 2 space on the Lower East Side (Friday

• That penthouse with a cottage atop 1st Street and 1st Avenue is ... back... on... the... market! (Wednesday

• The piebald squirrel of Tompkins Square Park (Sunday

• Report: Kushner Cos. continues East Village exit plan (Friday

• More about the new taqueria opening in the former Chicken & the Egg space (Monday

• Today in vibrating severed hands (Sunday

• Dunkin' shutters on Cooper Square (Monday

• Looking at the Astor Place CVS renovation plans (Friday

• Yuca Bar remains closed for renovations (Monday)

... and keep your eyes open...    
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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a Tuesday sunrise shot by Jeanne Krier)... 

• Reports: Man slashed after asking man to stop urinating on car along 14th Street at 1st Avenue (Tuesday) ... Police seek information in 'attempted murder' after Sunday's slashing on 14th Street (Saturday

• Why we may have seen the last of longtime East Village bar Lucy's (Monday) ... Fan signage for Lucy's (Tuesday

• Tompkins Square Park remains without restrooms for public use (Monday

• Signage alert: Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao on St. Mark's Place (Tuesday

• Today in urban etiquette notes on 7th Street about dogs shitting in tree planters (Thursday)

• At last, a sidewalk bridge along 280 E. Houston St., site of a new 12-story building (Tuesday

• Apple Bank is branching out — and away — from 2nd Avenue (Monday

• Photos: Tetchy headlines the Knitting Factory at Baker Falls on Avenue A (Thursday

• A look inside Iglesia Pentecostal El Divino Maestro on 3rd Street (Friday)

• Fans of El Primo Red Tacos can soon pig out at Tacos El Porky (Wednesday

• Today in discarded deer taxidermy mounts on 2nd Avenue (Tuesday

• Chicken & the Egg closes; taqueria in the works for the space (Wednesday

• Kestrel-eye view of Tompkins Square Park (Wednesday)

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo from Tompkins Square Park — snow! — by Christopher Pelham)... 

• Observations on the growing humanitarian crisis with asylum seekers in the East Village (Tuesday

• A bench in honor of the 'Birdman' of Tompkins Square Park (Thursday

• Celebrating the life and spirit of John Crellin, aka 'Architect John' (Friday)

• ICYMI: After 26 years, Gregg Singer sells the former P.S. 64 for $57.1 million (Tuesday

• The Veselka documentary, narrated by David Duchovny, opens at the Village East on Feb. 23 (Friday)

• A look at the under-renovation Ben's Deli on Avenue B (Wednesday

• Peter Hujar will get his 'Day' in upcoming film (Sunday

• Openings: Tina's Cuban Cuisine on 14th Street (Wednesday

• On Astor Place, Raising Cane's is raising funds for Harvey Milk High School (Thursday

• St. Marks Pizzeria (the former Funzi's) has not been open lately (Thursday

• Another conversation on music and music writing at the Tompkins Square Library branch (Saturday)

• Up early with a giant statue of Kid Cudi on the East River (Monday)

• What's coming to the former Mochinut space on 2nd Avenue (Wednesday

• Signage alert: Kaliiva, a cannabis dispensary for Avenue B (Wednesday

 ... and we may have found the just-right location for the first-ever EVG ad ... here on Avenue A at St. Mark's Place...
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Sunday, January 14, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo on Union Square by Derek Berg)... 

• In Memoriam: Charlie Carroll (Tuesday) ... Vinie Burrows (Wednesday

• Documenting the demolition of Middle Collegiate Church (Monday

• From the EVG archives: Asylum seekers at the former St. Brigid School (Sunday

• East Houston Street Wine & Liquor is headed to a new larger space across East Houston (Wednesday

• Wonder bringing its 'fast fine' delivery and food-hall concept to Stuyvesant Street (Thursday

• Classic East Village lunch counter B&H Dairy looking good with new awning, storefront and neon signage (Friday

• The J. Crew men's concept store on the Bowery has closed (Monday

• ICP teams up with the Nuyorican Poets Café for open mic series (Thursday

• G's Cheesesteaks will be the first retail tenant in 15 years at 6 Avenue B (Monday

• Sadie's Ward officially takes over from the Whiskey Ward (Tuesday

• High-end East Village sushi favorite Cagen has closed on 9th Street (Monday

• A look at Area 140 First on 1st Avenue (Thursday)

• Openings: Crazy Burger on Avenue C (Thursday

• The porta potties are MIA in Tompkins Square Park (Tuesday) ... New mats for the outdoor fitness area at Tompkins Square Park (Wednesday

• Reports: Kushner sells 6-building East Village portfolio for $57 million (Tuesday

• Trek officially closes on the Bowery (Monday)

• Mr. Kim quickly leaves St. Mark's Place (Tuesday

... and now turning to sports, Lazio secured a Coppa Italia semi-final place with a 1-0 victory over AS Roma on Wednesday... and the reaction outside by Giovanni and Co. outside Via Della Pace on Fourth Street (photo by Derek Berg)...
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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo from 7th Street at 2nd Avenue by Derek Berg) ...

• Longtime East Village sewing shop Gizmo will be relocating in early 2024 (Wednesday

• 2024 marks the 50th year in business for Ray's Candy Store (Monday

 • The remains of the fire-damaged Middle Church structure have been removed (Friday)

• 2 NYPD officers sustain minor injuries after line cutters cause skirmish at reticketing outpost for asylum seekers on 7th Street (Saturday

• 2024 development watch: 33-37 1st Ave. (Tuesday) ... 42-46 2nd Ave. (Wednesday) ... 50-64 3rd Ave. (Thursday)... 280 E. Houston St. (Friday) ... 

• Jen the bookseller closes the book on her Avenue A vending days (Thursday

• Le Dive owners looking to take over the Boiler Room space on 4th Street (Thursday)

• About those New Year's Eve fireworks (Monday

• Glizzy's has left St. Mark's Place (Tuesday

• Closings: Milk Burger on Houston (Tuesday

• Patis Bakery bringing the bread to Broadway (Tuesday

• Yuca Bar closed for renovations on 7th and A (Thursday

... and an EVG reader shared this photo from the dog run in Tompkins Square Park yesterday... titled Dogs Frolicking In 1st Snowfall of 2024...
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Sunday, December 31, 2023

Week in Grieview

Posts from this past holiday week included (with a photo of the Most Holy Redeemer bell tower on 3rd Street — see link below for more)...

• Crowdfunding help for the residents displaced by Madison Reality Capital construction on 14th Street (Wednesday

• 'Everything must go' as the New Yorkers Foodmarket sets Dec. 31 closing (Thursday) ... A last look at the New Yorkers Foodmarket (Saturday

• Hamilton Fish Park Library closing for a 2-plus year renovation (Friday

• A super soft opening at Barnyard Cheese Shop, back in biz on B (Tuesday

• EV classic B&H Dairy is back open with a new front door and windows (Friday

• When it was time to light up the clocks on the bell tower at Most Holy Redeemer (Sunday

• A new era for EV mainstay Anna (Friday

• Archie's Press is on the move (across 10th Street) (Wednesday

• Openings: Instant Noodle Factory on 7th Street (Thursday)

• A look at the new home of 55 Express Tailor Repair on 4th Street (Thursday

• Petopia reopens on Avenue A (Tuesday

• Mr. Pizza ready to announce himself on 1st Avenue (Friday

• Suds Buds is the name of the rebranded Wash 'N Clean Laundromat on 14th Street (Thursday

• Stocking up for MulchFest (Monday

• Now that it's Dec. 26... (Tuesday)

... and another Clint Mario for you... this is on Fourth Avenue near 10th Street...
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Sunday, December 24, 2023

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a classic holiday window at Russo's on 11th Street)... 
• New Yorkers Foodmarket is closing soon on 2nd Avenue (Wednesday

• Displaced 14th Street tenants seek support after city orders them to vacate their building (Monday

• EV Loves NYC looks for support and a partnership with the city to aid in feeding asylum seekers (Tuesday

• Home for the holidays: The East Village Community Cookbook is ready for pre-order (Thursday

• End of days for High Vibe on 3rd Street; 'I would like to stay open!' (Friday

• A new name and expanded space for Downtown Threads on Avenue A (Wednesday)

• Reports: State directs Mount Sinai to stop its closure of Beth Israel (Saturday)

• Instant Noodle Factory ready to punch the ramen clock on 7th Street (Monday

• Petopia close to reopening on Avenue A (Wednesday

• The former Gaia Italian Café is for rent on 3rd Street (Monday

• Openings: Chick-N-Smash on 1st Avenue (Thursday

• ICYMI: Cacio e Vino has closed on 2nd Ave.; new cafe on the way (Tuesday

• Closings: Mi Salsa Kitchen on Houston and Allen (Monday)

• No more love for Cinnamon Girl on 2nd Avenue (Thursday

• The new smoke shops of lower Avenue B (Tuesday

• EVG turns 16 (Thursday

... and on Second Street, a Bad Santa for the holidays...

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Week in Grieview

Posts this week included (with a PediCab Santa photo by Derek Berg) ... 

• Up in the under-restoration belltower at Most Holy Redeemer (Thursday

• Paulie Gee's Slice Shop in the works for the former Huertas space on 1st Avenue (Monday

• RIP Phil Klein (Friday

• A memorial for Bill Dean (Thursday

• Landmarks Preservation Commission approves hotel project that could potentially damage the city's oldest residential landmark (Wednesday

• A new CO at the 9th (Monday

• Sammy's Roumanian Steak House now looking at a new Lower East Side space for its return (Monday

• Local elected officials call out landlords renting to unlicensed cannabis shops (Wednesday

• A bad sign at Numero 28 Pizzeria Napoletana (Tuesday)

• On the sales market: 180 1st Ave., home of the dual Michael Jackson murals (Tuesday

• Construction watch: 183 Avenue B (Tuesday

• Calamari with fries at Ray's (Wednesday

• Kung Fu Tea closes on St. Mark's Place (Tuesday

• Dates released for Mulchchella 2024, where the headliners are your Christmas trees (Tuesday

• A Total by Verizon for Avenue A (Monday

... and if you won the door prize, don't worry, it's on its way... (photo by Derek Berg)...
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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a sunrise pic from Tompkins Square Park)...

• City officials help facilitate successful meal handout for asylum seekers in the East Village (Monday)

• RIP Ed Burns (Tuesday

 • The Joyce Theater Foundation completes the purchase of the former Boys' Club on 10th Street and Avenue A (Tuesday

• Proposed hotel next to the Merchant's House Museum returns to the Landmarks Preservation Commission (Thursday

• Report: Police chase ends with Jeep crashing into 2nd Avenue sidewalk bridge, injuring cyclist (Monday)

• Federico of Pinc Louds is doing a residency on Wednesdays this month at 96 Tears (Tuesday

• Happy No. 139 to the Ottendorfer Library branch! (Friday

• 360 Bowery is all glassed up (Monday

• A 'Centennial' celebration of Saul Leiter (Wednesday)

• About the discounted tix to see Basquiat x Warhol at the Brant Foundation (Thursday

• Construction watch: 340 Bowery (Wednesday

• A sign of the Sunflower (and brunch) on 2nd Avenue (Thursday

• A bad sign at Gaia Italian Café (Wednesday

• Signage alert: La Vera Pizza on 2nd Avenue (Monday

• Filipino restaurant Naks set to open on 1st Avenue via the Unapologetic Foods team (Monday)

 • Another look at the newly reconstructed Tompkins Square Park multipurpose courts (Monday

... and speaking of the courts... it's no running track, but these markings arrived in recent days...
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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo last night on 2nd Avenue by Derek Berg)...

• Residents ordered to vacate after excavation next door destabilized this 14th Street building (Friday

• More asylum seekers are lining up for help at the former St. Brigid School in the East Village (Wednesday) ... Distro disaster: City rejects warm homemade meals for hungry asylum seekers in the East Village, opts to serve moldy rolls (Saturday)

• Save the date: The Tompkins Square Park tree lighting is Dec. 10 (Monday

• Tako's adventure (Sunday

• The multipurpose courts at Tompkins Square Park are OPEN (Friday)

• A public meeting about the pending closure of Mount Sinai Beth Israel on 1st Avenue (Tuesday

• DOH temporarily closes Lucy's over paperwork snafu (Friday)

• A look at Everythings Fine (fine!) Vintage at the Market Line (Friday

• Don Ceviche debuts today on 1st Avenue (Monday

• Openings: Rakka on 1st Avenue (Tuesday

• Moving Day (Thursday

• Winter Flowers on this November day (Tuesday

• Liftonic bringing group weight training classes to this 2nd Avenue condoplex space (Monday

• Blank Street is down to 1 East Village location (Tuesday)

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