Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A quick break in any serious reporting to let you know that ...

Zoltar was fine. Here he is yesterday afternoon.

In the dark

Well this sucks. Everyone OK? We got hit pretty hard, but we're fine. No power. Internet. Online poker. 3G. Etc.

Stayed behind to help out some neighbors in flood-damaged apartments. If all goes well, then I'll be back tommorrow with photos, updates and Zoltar.

Be well.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Avenue C flooding; word of Con Ed transformer explosion

Water is rushing down Avenue C according to multiple residents... Here's is East Seventh Street and Avenue C...

Via ‏@nsj806

And we witnessed that flashing light and explosion... people on Avenue C said that a Con Ed transformer blew, though the green light was witnessed south of the substation... Car alarms blaring from East Seventh Street to East 14th Street... lights flickering...

Sandy's approach

[Click image to enlarge]

From Avenue D this afternoon via @dpentecost

Fallen storefront on Avenue B and East Second Street

At the incoming Wafles & Dinges.

Photo by Michael Ford via Facebook.

Reader report: Storm damage on Avenue A and East Fifth Street

Panoramic view of the East River at 5 pm

[Click image to enlarge]

By Gregory Patrick

Late afternoon at the East River

Photos by Bobby Williams.

Light pole down on the FDR

At East Houston Street exit... via Gregory Patrick

Sandy skyline

Photo by @lindseyfulgenzi

[Updated] Stores that are open today

[Katz's at 1:20]

We're in the process of compiling a list of stores that are open today (aside from Ray's).

Please let us know in the comments. Or via the EV Grieve email. Or on Twitter. #EVopen (clever!)

Partial list... in progress Call ahead first. (and thank you for all the tips!)

Avenue A:
Key Food (now closed)
Croissanteria (now closed)
Tompkins Square Bagels
Table 12
That crazy liquor store at East Fourth Street
Native Bean
Yuca Bar (CLOSES at 5)

East 14th Street:
Associated (NOW CLOSED)
Dunkin Donuts
Papaya Dog
Duane Reade(s)
Adams Deli

St. Mark's Place:
Ray's Pizza and Bagel Cafe
Gem Spa
St. Mark's Market
St. Mark's Comics
Cafe Mogador (NOW CLOSED)
St Dymphna's (NOW CLOSED)
Tuck Shop

First Avenue:
Saifee Hardware (NOW CLOSED)
The International
First Avenue Pierogi & Deli
Brickman & Sons (NOW CLOSED)
The Neptune

Second Avenue:
Professor Thom's on Second Avenue opens at 5
Bar 82
Kabin on Second Avenue
Moonstruck Diner
Cooper's Craft & Kitchen

Mud Coffee
9th Street Espresso on East 10th Street
Moishe's Bake Shop
Bluebird on East First Street
Veselka (Second Ave. Last seating passed — take out only now Now closed)
Russo's on East 11th Street (NOW CLOSED)
Juice Press on East 10th Street open until 5.
Mona's, Josie's and Sophie's will be open for part of the evening

Avenue B:
Happy Wok
Sunny & Annie's
Duane Reade (rumored to be open around the clock)

East Second Street:
Il Posto Accanto
Il Bagatto is delivering

East Fifth Street:
Lavagna is serving dinner from 5-10 p.m.

Avenue C:
Associated (Now closed)
ABC Beer
ABC Wine
Casa Adela
Fine Fare
Cafecito (until 1 a.m.)

Most corner delis are open...

How long any of these places stays open depends on the changing weather conditions...

Scenes from Ninth and C — and the East River

The reader who took these also notes that the NYPD isn't stopping people from hopping the police tape on the East 10th Street pedestrian bridge...

...and an angry-looking East River from before 4 p.m.

[Updated] More downed trees

At the New York City Marble Cemetery ... via a reader...

Also got a report of a downed willow on Sixth Street and Avenue B. Can anyone confirm?

Ugh. Here's a photo of the willow via EVG reader Eric...

Another view via ‏@NathanManire

First Avenue between 12th and 13th via @Occupy12thSt ...

UGH. Downed willow in the LES Ecology Center Garden on East Seventh Street between B and C via @finitor...


Wind power

Avenue A and East Fifth Street just now... via an EVG reader...

More downed limbs

East Fifth Street between A and B ... via ‏@mfranks715

Avenue C at East 12th Street... via @mikebarish

Con Ed robo calls coming in

More than a dozen people have reported receiving robo calls from Con Ed saying that the power might be preemptively shut down. Residents have reported the calls in all parts of the East Village as well as in the Lower East Side and Nolita.


Gothamist has more here.

Zoltar remains a voice of reason during these Scary Sandy days

Secured behind a bar now... Via EVG reader John S. ...

Reader report from Avenue A: Citibank ATMs out of cash, but Key Food has bread

NYPD shoos away Hurricane Sandy photoseekers along the East River

Along the East River Park Promenade...

Via Steven Matthews.

Looking at the FDR at 1:29 p.m.

FDR Drive, looking south, from Sixth Street pedestrian overpass. Via Steven Matthews.


Kim reacts to the news at Ray's this morning... photo by Shawn Chittle. Ray's will remain open 24/7...

Splash Zone poster art

Spotted on Seventh Street and Avenue A by EVG reader Robert Miner....

Scenes from a Sandy morning walk in the East Village

Have you been out? Strangely calm and soothingly business as usual. Mostly. A few maybe probably obvious things. Umbrellas are useless. Don't even bother. Watch the leaves on the sidewalks. I saw three people slip in about 15 minutes. Please be careful.

Mayor Bloomberg touring the neighborhood...

See Umbrellas are Useless above.

IHOP is closed.

Only the coconuts remain. Hope that they don't start flying around...


Does the crane at 51 Astor make anyone else a little nervous? It sure looks secure, but...

First Avenue, 11 a.m., Oct. 29

via jdx

Dog shit now piling up

Dog shit piling up on inverted NYC DOS trash cans. 10th Street and Avenue A via Shawn Chittle.

[Updated] Here comes the East River

East River Park just now... Via EVG reader John...

...and Crazy Eddie...

About 10:30 ... via @ARaeAshcraft ...

And 11 a.m. ... via James and Karla Murray

Bloomberg boombox

Per Dave on 7th: NYPD vans on Avenue C equipped with speakers telling Zone A residents that they face a misdemeanor of some sort if they don't evacuate...

Early tree damage

Avenue A near East 11th Street. So far, there aren't any downed trees in Tompkins Square Park.

Photo by Shawn Chittle.

7 a.m., Hurricane Sandy Day 1

Photos by Bobby Williams