Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fire at 518 E. Sixth St. last night

We heard reports of a fire last night around 10 on East Sixth Street... A few more details have come it... the fire occurred in a second-floor apartment in the back of No. 518 between Avenue A and Avenue B.

According to EVG reader Emily, who witnessed the FDNY on the scene:

"We saw bright lights and heard glass shattering ... there were firefighters running up and down the fire escapes, through the building, shattering all the windows with crow bars. There was smoke flowing from the building."

And here are two photos of the rear of the building from this morning...

Anyone else have more details?

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Anonymous said...

Fire was on the 3rd floor. My boyfriend lives at 520 same floor. Firemen told him the tenant at 518 had been using the oven and forgotten about it. That started a fire which spread to the refrigerator and all throughout the kitchen. Lucky the wall the adjoins the two buildings is brick so no damage was done to my boyfriend's apt.