Saturday, October 27, 2012

There will be bloodwrestling tonight...

Via our friend Our Lady of Perpetual PMS and The Gorgeous Ladies of Bloodwrestling...

A few highlights:

7 pm: freaks & fiends mix & mingle for the last hour of the fantastic, cheap happy hour! Grab your poolside seat in the splatter zone!

8 pm: Showtime! Live bloodwrestling with ridiculous characters and vendettas, set to punk rock!

9 pm: Costume contest! Get creative or get bled on.

*Live half-time entertainment by JESSICA DELFINO, the Lower East Side's Queen of The Obscene & original dirty folk rock queen.

And per the invite:

This is a mixed event. Anyone interfering with the true spirit of fun and sports satire of our underground-themed events will be removed, possibly dismembered.

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