Friday, October 26, 2012

Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen facing eviction again on St. Mark's Place

Scoopy brings the troubling news in his column at The Villager this week: Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen on St. Mark’s Place is facing eviction.

Owner-baker Peter Silvestri told Scoopy that business was down this past summer. And so, he fell behind in rent. The landlord sent him an eviction letter two weeks ago.

Part of the cause?:

It doesn’t help matters that the block is now lined with bars, 14 between Avenue A and First Ave., said Silvestri. “It changed the block. People come here for the bars now,” he said.

EVG favorite Whole Earth Bakery has faced eviction several times before. You can read the back story in this article from The Villager from 2007. Whole Earth has been at 130 St. Mark's Place since 1991. How much longer, unfortunately, seems in doubt.


g whiz said...

Blaming bars that probably aren't even open when you are open is just stupid. Well, I want a scone but instead I'll wait 6 hours till a bar opens and have a beer instead.

Anonymous said...

The bars have changed the reputation of the neighborhood. People go to different places for different things. Less and less now do people come here for scones. They come here for beers. CB3's SLA committee has singlehandly changed the character of the neighborhood and what people visit it for. It's a shame and a poor reflection of the local CB and the folks who run it. In years to come people will never look back and say what a great job they did. The reputation and legacy will be unfortunate to say the least. sad really.

francesca said...

That block has always had bars though. Alcatraz used to be right on the corner of St. Mark's and A. You can get better tasting healthy vegan baked goods at other places in the East Village now. Whole Foods has cheaper better tasting vegan scones. While I am sad when any small business goes under and mourn what has become of the East Village in my opinion Whole Earth Bakery just isn't very good.

Idiocracy said...

@ g whiz, your logic is pretty much the same as Brawndo having electrolytes

gee whiz, indeed.

Uncle Waltie said...

How many bars are on this block? I remember Alcatraz and St. Marks Bar & Grill from the very early 80s. I've been to St. Dymphna's and I know there's one next to the Pizzeria on the North Side of the Street. I don't count Mogador as a bar, since they're primarily a restaurant. And to the Anonymous poster at 3:33PM: People have never come down here for scones. (As long as I've lived down here) Let's blame CB 3 for things they deserve blame for, but it has done nothing to change the character of that block. 35 year EV resident here.