Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wednesday's parting shot

Helen the Accordion Lady, a familiar sight in warmer-weather months, out in Tompkins Square Park today... photo by Steven...

Filming today outside 7Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Crews were out today filming scenes for "Russian Doll," an eight-episode Netflix series from Natasha Lyonne, Leslye Headland and Amy Poehler.

The comedy series follows Lyonne (pictured above) "on her journey as the guest of honor at a seemingly inescapable party one night in New York," per Hollywood Reporter.

Derek Berg caught this scene outside Vazac's/7B/Horseshoe Bar on Avenue B and Seventh Street... Lyonne's stunt double...

Coming home to roost: Christo and Dora spotted building nest together

Early this morning, EVG reader Mark Cyr spotted Christo and Dora working on Dora's nest in Tompkins Square Park... in the top photo, Christo is giving a stick to Dora, who is deep in the nest, her head barely visible (to the left of his).

Per Mark, Christo set about bringing her sticks from various parts of the Park while she threaded the sticks together, building up the nest. "Dora seems to have a serious plan for this nest," Mark reported.

In the photo below, Christo is seen leaving the nest to find more sticks for Dora. She is mostly inside the nest, while working on new construction (there are permits on file for this)...

For now, this looks to put to rest any of the rumors circulating in the Park that Christo has abandoned Dora in favor of Not-Dora/Nora. (This still doesn't explain the Christo-Not-Dora/Nora quickie witnessed by many back on Monday, Dora's first day in the Park after her three-month wing rehab.)

As for Not-Dora/Nora, she was spotted hiding out on Avenue D. Mark said that she seems to like to perch on man-made structures, not trees.

"She is good at camouflage and kept turning her back to our cameras," Mark said. "We have not seen her in Tompkins Square Park since Monday, when Dora returned."

Updated 8 p.m.

Two more photos today via Steven...

The books of Felix Caro

On the south side of Seventh Street between First Avenue and Second Avenue ... you'll come across various boxes and crates of books...

They belonged to Felix Caro. A sign posted near the books explains that he was a musician, spiritualist, martial artist, intellectual... and that he lived at 72 E. Seventh St. for over 40 years. "Please treat his marvelous library respectfully. RIP."

Caro died last Dec. 17. He was 63.

Here then is EVGB on 14th Street

Extell's two new 7-story buildings on 14th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B have a name — EVGB.

That's short for "East Village's Greatest Building."

The EVGB branding, with a random "go big" tossed in, arrived on the two retail-residential developments — 500 E. 14th St. and 524 E. 14th St. — back on Monday, as these photos via an EVG (not EVGB!) reader show.

To date, only the corner space at No. 500 at Avenue A has been taken — that will be the small-format Target store.

Newmark Knight Frank has the retail listings... there's one 14,509 square-foot space adjacent to the incoming Target for rent. (Negotiable rate!) At No. 524 a few doors to the east, there are two retail spaces encompassing 14,331 square feet.

[Image via Extell]

EVGB's residential amenities include a fitness center, children’s play room, an indoor pool and steam room. The rentals have yet to hit the market. Soon though! The application process is underway for 50 middle-income units at No. 524.

Extell's EVGBs replaced a nearly block-long row of single-level structures that didn't have an acronym, businesses including Bargain Bazaar/Express, Petland, Rite Aid and the Blarney Cove.

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Lovecraft has not been open lately on Avenue B

The bar-restaurant inspired by horror writer H. P. Lovecraft has not been open during announced business hours here of late at 50 Avenue B near Fourth Street.

One tipster reports seeing people remove liquor and other contents from the space two weeks ago. There isn't any message on their website or Facebook page about a closure. Their phone number, however, is no longer in service.

Lovecraft, which has a subterranean space for music and comedy, opened in August 2014. After some initial buzz about the place for its "great Lovecraftian atmosphere," I never heard too much more about it.

Some recent Yelp reviews are pretty condemning. Like: "We sit down and order our food, drinking, conversing, and having a grand old time. Then everything turned for the worst! We knew we messed up when the waitress dropped Key Food Louisiana hot sauce on our table." Their meal apparently included actual Eggo waffles with fried chicken.

Meanwhile, Johnny Favorite's, the pizzeria attached to the Lovecraft space around the corner, has been closed since last August. (Their Facebook page is still posting generic content as late as December.) The pizzeria's phone is out of service.

Johnny Favorite's opened in April 2015.

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Poke N' Roll debuts on 9th Street

Poke N' Roll made its debut yesterday at 441 E. Ninth St. at Avenue A... they're in soft-opening mode this week, where you can preview their variety of poké bowls, bubble tea and fruit tea ...

You can find more info on them via Facebook here ... or Instagram here.

Thanks to Steven for the photos!

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Last day for IQ Decor on 14th Street

The discount store, which sells everything from toys to NYC souvenirs to mops to luggage, closes it doors after the business day today here on 14th Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

IQ Decor management has been telling customers that the landlord doubled the current rent.

Thanks to KT for the photo!

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Psychic shown the door on 3rd Street

EVG reader @Jason_Chatfield shared this photo yesterday ... showing that the Marshal came calling, taking legal possession of the now-former Pychic Readings By Sophia space at 256 E. Third St. at Avenue C on behalf of the landlord ...

The lone Yelp review for the business bestowed Sophia with one star back in 2016, noting "Fraud, told me I had a dark Energy that needed to be cleansed for me to be happy."

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuesday's parting shot

Found photo today on First Avenue and 12th Street via Grant Shaffer...

Dora, day 2

Steven shared the above photo this morning... where Dora, starting her second day back in Tompkins Square Park following a three-month wing rehab, was spotted sitting in the new nest ... the nest that her partner Christo has been building with (or without!) his new lady hawk crush friend Dora/Not Nora.

As of around 9:45 a.m., Christo was seen circling the nest several times with twigs in his mouth. Then! They were both in the nest at one point. They both opened their wings, but nothing happened, Steven reported. At this time, Dora/Not Nora had not been spotted.

Later in the day, Christo caught a rat. He ate half of it and then called out for — presumably — one of the female hawks to finish the rest. Neither of the females showed up this afternoon. Dora spent a lot of time in the Park this morning and then disappeared.

The drama continues tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Goggla posted photos and a video of Dora's return here.

Some observations:

The question now is, what happens next? Some may argue that Dora should not have been returned to the Park because Nora is settling in, but it was explained to me that this is really the best place for her. Dora is not a candidate for captivity — she is way too wild and needs to be free. Releasing her in Tompkins means she is in her familiar territory and it is the easiest place for her to find food. Ideally, Christo will bring her food, but if he doesn't, she shouldn't have too much trouble obtaining it herself.

The way I see it, Dora would not be alive if she was not picked up and taken to rehab, and this is her second chance. Things might not turn out the way we want them to ... We can only watch and learn.

Today in dog run stalemates

Photo in Tompkins Square Park this morning by Peter Brownscombe...

Reader report: manhole explosion on 2nd Avenue

Early this morning, there was a manhole explosion on Second Avenue between First Street and Houston ... Felton Davis, who shared these photos, reports that the block is closed and there is an array of helicopters overhead ... Con Ed and the FDNY are on the scene.

No reports of injuries or cause at the moment.

CBS New York reports that three manhole covers were blown off ... "but there are no reports of any smoke, fire or power outages."

Extra Place is all pretty much Momofuku Ko now

In January 2007, WWD ran a story titled "Extra Place: Paris on the Lower East Side." At that time, reps for Avalon Bowery Place unveiled plans to make Extra Place, the pedestrian walkway off First Street between the Bowery and Second Avenue, "a slice of the Left Bank, a pedestrian mall lined with interesting boutiques and cafes."

As noted here in these subsequent years, a handful of restaurants and businesses have come and gone. The most recent casualty was Red Hook Lobster Pound, which went dark last April.

[Photo from April 2017]

Only David Chang's Momofuku Ko has had any success in this former alley that ran behind CBGB. Momofuku Ko, which relocated to 8 Extra Place from First Avenue in November 2014, expanded into some adjacent storefronts late last summer.

Now it appears that Momofuku Ko has nearly three-quarters of the Place. The Japanese housewares boutique Nalata Nalata has the corner space at No. 2. No. 18 is a prep kitchen for Daniel Boulud. The space that housed the Lobster Pound is now storage.

There's still a sign up in Extra Place optimistically noting "open to the public & public seating." Maybe Momofuku Ko will one day offer to serve its $195 tasting menu outdoors.

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71 years ago today

[Click on image for more detail]

An EVG reader found the above aerial photo in the digital section of the New York State Archive. The photo is dated Feb. 27, 1947.

The photo, looking toward the (north-ish) east, shows the new Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village. (Stuy Town would welcome its first residents on Aug. 1, 1947.)

Meanwhile, among the other familiar sites — the Con Ed building on 14th Street and St. Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery... just follow the helpful arrows...

Yet another opportunity to buy 114 E. 10th St.

We've written about 114 E. 10th St. off and on through the years — at least when the classic townhouse between Second Avenue and Third Avenue is for sale.

As Curbed noted yesterday, the home is back on the market. Here's a recap of the recent activity here via Curbed:

The stunning four-story home ... has spent a great deal of time on and off the market over the past decade. It first sold back 2005 for a mere $3.32 million before returning in 2009 with an asking price of nearly $7 million and a brand new renovation. Since 2010, it’s disappeared and remerged from the market several times with price tags fluctuating between $5.95 million to as much as $8.5 million. This time around, the home is looking to sell for $7.875 million.

And some photos via Douglas Eliman ...

According to the listing, the home comes furnished, so ... "BUYER need only to bring tooth brush and personal belongings."

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Monday, February 26, 2018

[Updated] Dora the red-tailed hawk returns to Tompkins Square Park

A rep from the Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation (WINORR) returned Dora to Tompkins Square Park today.

The red-tailed hawk injured a wing back in late November. She has been in WINORR's care since then.

She has apparently made enough rehab progress to attempt a release on her home turf...

No one really knows how this is going to work. Injured wing aside, Dora's longtime partner Christo has basically set up house a nest with another red-tailed hawk, the mysterious Not-Dora/Nora. Goggla has the latest on that situation here.

EVG correspondent Steven, who shared these photos, said that after taking off, Dora has been perched in a tree near the dog run and hasn’t left.

Will update later. Be sure to visit Goggla's site here as well for more observations on Dora's return.

Updated 2 p.m.

More photos from Steven...

Updated 7 p.m.

Well, quite a day, per the red-tailed hawk watchers in the Park.

First, the good news. Dora appeared to be getting around OK on her rehabbed wing.

Then Dora visited last year's nest...

Then she swung by the nest that Christo has been making with Not-Dora/Nora...

She also went atop St. Brigid's on Avenue B at Eighth Street...

Steven last saw her leave to roost on Seventh Street...

There was some kind of skirmish between Dora and Christo and Not-Dora/Nora. (Hopefully Goggla will fill in the narrative here on her post.)

And there wasn't any romantic, fairy-tale reunion between Christo and Dora, who have had like 10 hawklets together.

Christo and Not-Dora/Nora were spotted mating on the Christodora House... not too far from where Dora was perched...


Here's a link to Goggla's post with a lot more photos — and video.