Thursday, February 22, 2018

Avant-Garde-Arama at Performance Space grand re-opening

[Alexandra Tatarsky]

Photos and text by Dan Efram

Performance Space New York — formerly PS 122 — celebrated its grand reopening with a free night of their longest-running program "Avant-Garde-Arama" on Sunday night.

The multi-stage show welcomed hundreds of people to check out the wonderful renovated venues in the building on First Avenue at Ninth Street and kick off its new season in earnest. You can find the full list of performers here.


[Cornelius Loy]

[Pat Oleszko and Brooks Leslie]

[Murray Hill backstage]

[Charles Dennis]

[Salley May]

[The audience]

Performance Space is hosting an East Village Series through June. Find that schedule here.

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4## E 9th St. neighbor said...

You could hear the festivities until the wee hours at least half way down 9th St. toward the park. A very friendly-to-your-immediate-neighbors way to re-open...NOT.

Anonymous said...

You should have stopped by 4## E 9th St. neighbor! You were so close! It was really fun! Given it was the Sunday before a holiday you probably had the next day off! Try another time. Be a good neighbor instead of leaving grumpy anonymous comments on neighborhood blogs.