Saturday, February 24, 2018

Please remember to take your rice cooker with you when exiting the train

A rice cooker that someone left behind on the F train last night at Essex and Delancey led to a bomb scare.

Per the Daily News:

Initial reports from authorities said the device was a pressure cooker with wires sticking out of it, but police later determined the electronic was not an explosive.

Subway trains were stopped while the bomb squad investigated and resumed running moments after cops gave the all clear around 8:45 p.m.

Meanwhile, in other MTA news from last evening, via PIX 11:

According to data released at an MTA meeting this week, New Yorkers took 1.727 billion trips taken last year, compared to 1.756 million taken in 2016, so roughly 30 million fewer trips.

"I'm not surprised. The subways have been pretty bad lately," said subway rider Leslie Spencer.


Giovanni said...

This is why MTA stands for Many Trains Absent. Their new genius idea is to close down multiple stations for 6 months to put in new lighting, tiles and LCD panels, almost all of it for cosmetic work, instead of fixing the tracks, signals and trains which are broken, or installing elevators for the inaccessible stations. At least 10 stations set to be closed for 6 months, not counting athe 5 stations on the L train which will be shut down for 15 month (or 20-30 with the unplanned delays). That adds up to15 subway stations gone over the next 2 years, mostly for cosmetic repairs. But at least the lighting will be better.

JQ LLC said...

Well, Byford has turned out to be a dutiful patsy for Mario's son. So much for being an independent hands-on official.

The biggest insult to commuters, especially the elderly and the handicapped and mothers with baby strollers, is that they are considering upgrades for the 23rd and 57th street 6th avenue stations. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them except for the fact that they just lack modern art and tech fixins'.

This must be payback and blowback for de Faustio's obstinance regarding the half-city/half-state emergency funding plan. This city is fucked.